Carol A Santella Of Interviews to Fame Launches Search for Medical Professionals to Be Part of the New Health Movement Educating Beyond Bioenergetics.

Carol A Santella of Interviews to Fame™ confirmed the official launch of a focused global search for Advanced Energy and Integrative Medical Professionals. These interviews and publications will offer education, problems/solutions, debunk misconceptions regarding Energy Medicine; go beyond the standard medical principles which have become increasingly less effective and go beyond bioenergetic medicine.

Explaining the search process, Santella said: “This is an important search as is the information on health restoration, the microbiome, epigenetics, miasms, the glymphatic and lymphatic systems, interstitium and more.

I’m reaching out to a select group of self-aware and evolved professionals who demonstrate their position as true advocates for the success and wellbeing of their patients and clients.

Professionals, to be spotlighted, and who at the same time are committed to spreading the word about this new health paradigm and all that is involved in making this a true health movement- one so vitally necessary for the betterment of one’s life and one’s environment. Information and introduction to professionals and others that have shown true results with this work.”

Santella continued, “This isn’t just a brief introduction into these advancements and innovative health solutions and processes. It’s also about medical and health professionals and individuals who are passionate about helping others get through the difficult times, struggles and often debilitating situations many who suffer with varying illnesses encounter. Powerful resources for those suffering from conditions that no other care has truly been able to help or solve.

Everything is energy and in health, it’s a major component and more medical professionals are starting to come onboard and become better educated themselves, along with those of us who have been aware of its vital part and its amazing results.”

With several industry leaders expressing interest in participating, Carol A Santella of Interviews to Fame™ will begin promoting the selected professionals right away with interviews and multiple publicity opportunities positioning those featured as the authorities they are.

However, Santella asserted, “One of the reasons we launched this search is because we didn’t want to go the common route of interviewing and spotlighting the stereotypical ‘experts’. This search would be unnecessary if that were the case.”

We anticipate a lot of exposure around this new health movement for the professionals selected and around the actual practices and modalities themselves. Santella shared: “I really want to showcase not only those known, acclaimed professionals, but also those often under-celebrated professionals who are actually in the trenches, working hard every day, willing to share their knowledge, expertise and experience to benefit as many as possible and the success of other professionals and patients/clients in all communities here and abroad. That’s what will make this a win-win-win movement.”

Find out more, nominate yourself or another to be considered and interviewed by contacting Carol A Santella at: 412-681-1105 or via email at: .

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