Carol A Santella Seeks Passionate Distributors and Wholesalers to Drive Global Impact for Food Preservation

Carol A Santella, a visionary entrepreneur and passionate advocate for sustainable living, is now seeking dedicated distributors and wholesalers to further introduce Herbie™, the revolutionary far infrared-infused glass disc that slows down bacteria growth and enhances its flavor. Herbie™ is changing the way we preserve food and is making a significant impact on food waste reduction worldwide. Herbie™ for all it does, is a small round glass disc that is safe, powerful, lasts for two years, is very affordable and scientifically proven.

Santella shared: “I am so very passionate about Herbie™ and what this advanced and innovative technology can do. What I have seen it do personally over the last year of using it in my own life, and from the feedback of others who have purchased and incorporated Herbie™ into their homes and businesses, has been nothing short of extraordinary. I am on a mission to help as many as possible save money as Herbie™ preserves food, enhances flavor, and contributes to a more sustainable planet.”

As global food costs continue to rise, and the detrimental impact of food spoilage and waste becomes evident, Herbie™ emerges as a beacon of hope. This innovative glass disc, infused with far infrared technology, slows down bacteria growth and significantly extends the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, meats and more. 2.8 trillion pounds of food waste are dumped into landfills every year. With over 50% of the gross domestic food product lost to spoilage, the scientifically proven Herbie™ offers an invaluable solution to combat waste and make our food resources last longer.

Santella, with the incredible Herbie™, are committed to combat food waste and promote sustainable living by extending the shelf life of groceries worldwide. Together they are redefining food preservation.

If you are a qualified individual with a strong sales background, an influencer who is passionate about sustainability, and an entrepreneur eager to make a mark in the food preservation and far infrared technology industries, you may just be the perfect fit for the distributors and wholesalers Santella is seeking. A desire to spread the word about Herbie™ and its potential impact on businesses and consumers is essential. Investing in Herbie as a distributor or wholesaler is not only an opportunity for financial growth, but also a chance to make a meaningful difference in the world. This is a mission-driven opportunity. As Herbie™ gains immense interest globally, your involvement can lead to a legacy of positive change in your community and beyond.

Santella is inviting enthusiastic and qualified distributors and wholesalers to be a part of the Herbie™ movement. As a distributor, you will play a crucial role in spreading the word about this revolutionary product and driving its global impact. There is a minimal investment required, but the returns can be substantial. With Herbie™’s unique value proposition and wide application in various industries, from grocery stores, bakeries, the floral, hospitality and medical industries, garden centers, to name a few, the potential for growth and success is limitless. 

This seems to be an opportunity to be at the forefront of an innovative, groundbreaking product that will redefine how food is preserved while it enhances its nutritional value. In addition, it is important to note, all the sundry benefits of far infrared technology. Joining this duo can make a difference in your community and beyond as you promote sustainable living and eco-friendly practices.

If you share Santella’s passion for sustainability and innovation, and if you believe in the potential of Herbie™ to revolutionize food preservation and waste reduction, you can learn more about Herbie™ and how you can become a distributor or wholesaler by contacting Carol A Santella or by visiting:

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