Celia Louise Reignites The Love For Life With Champagne Chakra

Celia Louise Reignites The Love For Life With Champagne Chakra

Celia Louise, an entrepreneur and founder of “The Champagne Chakra” coaching system and book, helps women feel happy inside-out. 

Inner joy can be suppressed under anxiety and stress, but with some guidance, women can eliminate their sorrows and reignite their true nature again, says Celia Louise, the owner of the Champagne Chakra coaching program and book “The Champagne Chakra, Seven Steps to Raising Your Energetic Frequency”.

In the Champagne Chakra, she helps women open their energetic channels to allow the natural flow of energy through the body.  The real magic happens when people understand themselves as a whole energetic system. When the energy is in a flow state, intuition is high, and it helps to achieve a natural state of joy. People spend a lot of time caring for others, but caring for yourself is an essential life skill that connects your body and mind through your heart.

“The concept that we are all connected through an energy field has fascinated me since my days of teaching others to grow food in Canada, California & Indonesia. My second career focused on peace, human rights, and humanitarian aid. This work showed me the best examples of human resilience, kindness, and love.” 

– Celia Louise

Helping Women Reach Their Peak Potential 

Many women in life are happy yet unfulfilled. Celia saw her mother go from happy and thriving to glum, which set Celia on the path of guidance so others don’t succumb to this. 

Celia believes that inner joy is always accessible when people understand the synergy of ancient wisdom and modern science. When you’re disconnected from your divine spiritual nature, you’ll hold on to fears based on your imagination. Celia goes to the root cause of issues and helps them to stay on track with guided journals

Celia explores the idea that therapy is not the only solution for improved mental health. She advocates for reconnecting with the natural joys that create enchantment in life. She feels when people don’t have feel a sense of meaning in their life, they distract themselves with shopping, alcohol, drugs or sex in the hope of creating happiness, but end up only numbing the inner call to heal. Celia helps women explore their connection with the world and how they are co-creators with the divine.

“Wisdom comes from the inside, as knowledge deep in your soul.  It is the gift of your spiritual side. Intellectual knowledge comes from the outside in as your learned and memorized knowledge. It is the gift of your mind. No amount of mindset work will ever work if your heart isn’t open because your mind responds to your heart, not the other way around. Your heart is your superpower.”

-Celia LouiseHeart and mind align and then the healing process can commence. With Champagne Chakra coaching, Celia helps women people fall in love with life by helping them access their body chakras, heart chakra, and spiritual chakras. So take a deep breath, and start your journey of spiritual healing, with Celia Louise, here

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