Coffeepreneur, Brandon Ivan Pena Stirs Up a Difference in the Coffee Community with New Book

Author Brandon Ivan Pena

For a coffee aficionado, a fresh cup of coffee is all that’s needed to get rid of any misery. Whether it’s beating the heat, conquering the cold, or simply soothing the stress, there is no alternative to a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

But what if we tell you from now on, you can get more than just coffee in the morning?

What if we tell you that now, along with a cup of Puerto Rican coffee with an alluring aroma and delectable flavor, you can also get just the right dose of inspiration and motivation presented with beautifully artistic illustrations?

Coffeepreneur, Brandon Ivan Pena, the founder of 787 Coffee, is making all this possible with his latest book, Creative Fu***r.

The book revolves around the theme of enhancing human relationships and their impact on our daily lives – both professional and personal.

It was the drive of making a real difference in someone’s life that inspired Brandon to develop this book which delves into the realm of coffee culture in the light of art and motivation and is purely focused on the coffee community of his brand – people that work for him as well as people that his brand serves.

Brandon has built such strong bonds with members of his community that people lined up to provide testimonials for making the book happen.

Brandon recognizes that most often, the biggest hurdle in the way of accomplishing our ambitions is ourselves. Whether it’s in coffee or advisory, Brandon’s work, has always been about pushing people beyond such self-limiting boundaries and building confidence in themselves to strive for their goals.

Creative Fu***r was designed with this in mind – to be a cheerful and inspiring friend alongside an invigorating cup of coffee on your table. 

The title of the book is a memorandum for the initial days of Brandon’s business career and is inspired by his nickname at the time. The book includes numerous quotes, images, and consultations with members of 787 Coffee team as well as other designers with whom Brandon had formerly collaborated.

It also narrates the origin story of 787 Coffee, its manufacturing farms, and the perks of the “farm-to-cup experience for coffee lovers”. It is a coffee table book that externalizes the community-driven, splendidly artistic, and coffee-savant spirit of 787 Coffee in every page. He trusts that Creative Fu***r, a genuine love letter to caffeine, his firm, and his staff, will act as a valuable source of encouragement for all his readers.

Exhibiting carefully compiled quotes and works of art by Brandon himself, it is the ultimate embodiment of his objectives as an entrepreneur and, more importantly, as a human being.

Recently honored with Apple’s News 50 Entrepreneurs to watch, Brandon is already breaking barriers. 787 Coffee grew by 812 percent in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic and aspires to revolutionize the coffee industry.

Brandon’s light, empathetic book, Creative Fu***r, is all set to be the ideal grab for any mood and to work towards this goal side by side with his brand.

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