Covid-19 Alerts – 5 Compelling Reasons Why Consistency Is Key For Parents And Children That Are Staying At Home During Covid-19, From A Middle School Teacher And Coach’s Point Of View

Miss Chesser started by quoting one of her favorite sayings from Tony Robbins, “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives; it’s what we do consistently.”

“Get on the line.” that is a phrase that coach Chesser used every day, rain or shine, at the end of every practice. It was a proverbial and literal line that held each teammate accountable and we all need them, athletes or not. Why do we need lines? Because they establish consistency. They guide us with key markers as to where it begins, ends, and how much or how long.

During Covid-19, we are living in such unprecedented times that it takes a toll on our ever-changing stressed-out minds. With a sudden influx of time and structure on kids and adults alike, consistency becomes all the more needed during a crisis such as this.

When asked what was the 5 keys. Miss Chesser shared these insights:

  1. Stability. Kids and adults all need it. It’s what grounds us to what we know, how we act, and what and who we can depend on. This promotes character, as it holds us accountable. When we have stability, we are likely to become more relaxed as we can see and know what is expected and what we will encounter.
  2. Predictability. This goes hand-in-hand with stability. When we are able to predict what will happen, we generally have a positive feeling of control over a situation. As we live in a time of such high unpredictability, it is vitally important to schedule some tasks and goals with predictable outcomes. How? By being consistent and establishing a routine that works for you and your household. Even the smallest of tasks, with the most foreseeable outcomes, can endorse accomplishment and regain the feeling of control.
  3. Time Management. When we consistently do tasks, we usually set out a specific and realistic time to complete them. Our mindset shifts from sporadic to focused, forcing our thoughts to become our actions with a schedule to follow. One of the most detrimental time-expansive habits known to man is the act if worrying. When we focus on consistently completing a task, we allow less idle time for worry and more management of our thoughts, which in turn, become productive actions and accomplishments.
  4. Structure. Consistency is the glue to establishing structure. When a class or team, or family is structured, goals are likely to be achieved. There is meaning, and there are roles. There is a sense of purpose and expectation. When our lives feel like they like structure, we can immediately feel lost and out-of-sorts. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and it’s a recipe for emotional and psychological distress, and break-downs can often occur. Establishing structure will promote guidelines and success to our everyday lives while restoring balance to our otherwise, unpredictable lives.
  5. Success. We established structure lends itself to success. Success in itself is catchy. Once we see the ends to the means, and the intrinsic or extrinsic outcome we ascertain, we are more likely to become repeat offenders. Once success becomes our culture, expectations can arise, and within realistic measures, we see more and more gains. This gives us certainty within selves and our efficacy, allowing us to become the best versions of ourselves, despite these worst-case situations. It teaches us to overcome adversity and be tenacious. Don’t let Covid-19 be anything less than your best. Be consistent.

Helpful Tips In Promoting Household Consistency:

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day. Consistency needs time. Be patient with yourself and your loved ones.
  • Come up with some household norms first, that everyone can take part and agree with.
  • Set specific times for specific tasks.
  • Be visual and be realistic. Create a visual schedule or vision board with reachable goals.
  • Be deductive. Begin with the end in mind. What are your overarching goals?
  • Have fun, and always celebrate success. You can consistently have fun, too, you know. It’s just as important to consistently take breaks and laugh with each other, as it is to set tasks. Memories matter.
  • “Small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” -John Maxwell

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