Disrupt Yourself And Win In A Disruptive World

Disrupt Yourself And Win In A Disruptive World

In this frantically evolving marketplace and volatile world, we could be forgiven for feeling pushed back into our wait-for-normal-to-come-back corners. So many of us keep peering out anxiously to see when might be a wise moment to re-pick up the threads of our highest lives.

It’s understandable. Whatever country we’re in, ‘restrictions’ are being imposed on us across every level of our lives. Chaos, loss, community division, media power moves are the background to our lives. Now, hold tight…this isn’t about politics or even about the pandemic; it’s about you.

We have to set the stage, though, for you to transcend the horrible dream we keep waking up to.

For those feeling feisty about global events (whatever your perspective and persuasion), pouring our energies into a debate with our loved ones or even too much research has a knock-on effect on our vibrational frequency. And that has a knock-on effect on our evolution into our most abundant and thriving lives.

Yep! Every time we go down the rabbit hole of speculation, or even worse, the black hole of fear, we cut ourselves off from connection to Source, Universal Intelligence, Consciousness or whatever deity you call Divine Mind. It’s so tempting to watch video after video of fine scientists or leaders hypothesising or expounding in persuasive rhetoric. But every time we do, we dim the lights of our own power as infinite creators.

I’m in the same push-me-pull-you dynamic. It’s been quite destabilising. But the fire in my spirit keeps reminding me that I have more significant work to do. The call-in my heart has never been stronger to make a difference. And for me now, I see the most incredible opportunity to grow and break through to a new level. And that is going to take disruption.

Here’s the thing. Transformation is slow. It takes months, years or even decades. And this pandemic has made me realise that I’m in a hurry. Screw slow. It’s time for me to disrupt myself. What about you?

It’s time to truly listen to the old adage of “getting the same results by doing the same things” and do ’em differently! Whatever is not working! Whatever! Everything has come under scrutiny.

Habits, relationships, aspirations, strategies, even your dreams. Equally under question,  diet, exercise, self-care routines. For me, diving deeper, I’ve put my values under the spotlight; what I really care about, even my beliefs. Total Disruption. It’s all up for questioning. Open to massive change.

And here’s what is emerging; I feel stronger than ever. Clear, laser-focused and with a newfound passion. I feel a fresh-aliveness, a novel curiosity, a light heart and convictions about my own potential soldered into my soul and body.

Is this resonating for you at all? Are you ready to disrupt your status quo and go beyond the final frontier of your own imagined limitations?

Here are a few ways that I have flipped the possible outcomes of my life into the ones that are allowing me to believe in my genius and super-powers. I hope they inspire you too:

  1. I am committed to discussing the global situation with passionate detachment. I know my position on this (it’s a maverick one), and I allow and respect everyone else to have their own beliefs. There is no need to persuade, argue or separate with people and routines I love.
  2. I’ve uplevelled my self-care and exercise to the protocols of true high-performers (something I’ve been pussy-footing around with for years). Hired a personal trainer to get me into the best shape of my life to prepare me for what’s to come.
  3. Given me the gift of investing in a fantastic course (singing as it happens). Singing was not something I ever thought I would pursue with such delight, but I feel it is essential to give ourselves new skills right now. We are called to renew our human culture through art, music, and dance in this new Aquarian age. I have dance coming in there too…
  4. Changed my hair and modified my style.
  5. Reviewed all of my business systems and strategies and tweaked them accordingly.
  6. Entered a period of deliberate testing with different Social Media platforms and opportunities.
  7. Taken on two more people onto my team and delegated everything that doesn’t take my genius to someone else.
  8. Reviewed all of my weekly schedules and tweaked them to my ideals.
  9. Vowed that I will do whatever it takes to step into the highest version of me every day.

In disrupting my own status quos and renewing my commitment to my holistic fulfilment and financial freedom.

I’ve transcended the external conditions and the menacing pull down into dream oblivion. I’ve confirmed to myself and the universe that I am not dependent on ‘conditions’ to thrive but rather am creating the conditions to thrive.

I’m taking my power from the present moment of knowing that everything I desire already exists in the quantum field; it just requires my attention. Disrupting myself is a way to give that attention.

As my favourite saying goes, “Show up for your highest life, and your highest self will meet you there.” It takes a disruptive spirit to take that idea and make it real.

Are you ready to disrupt yourself? Are you ready to shake up your status quo? None of the entire universe’s wisdom can teach you the best way to do this because you are unique and ever-evolving. But what will move the needle on your results is mindfulness about your daily progress, along with a zen-like dedication to your best life. On a scale of 1 to 10, how dedicated are you to this?

Being a student of Greatness (and Preeminence!) is the only way you have a chance of transcending the chaos and graduating to master (or mistress!) of a life of value and impact, supremely lived. Do you agree?

I will be applauding from the wings… because I genuinely believe in your Genius, Grace and Greatness.

Jenni's mission is to help women entrepreneurs leverage their genius, grace, and super-powers to transcend any market challenges and fulfill their greatest potential as healthy, wealthy change-makers.

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