Dr. Patricia Rogers: New ‘Entrepreneurs Living The Dream’ Events Planned for 2021

Dr. Patricia Roger’s company, Unity in Service, Inc., sponsors events for entrepreneurs and “wantrepreneurs” to come together so that they can build their professional network and obtain even more wealth. Speakers for the conference and attendees come from all walks of life to experience the rewards of collaboration and cooperation. 

Since the “Pandemic Shock,” Pat transitioned to virtual events, and in 2020, she hosted eight virtual events and is on the fourth event for 2021, serving thousands of entrepreneurs who want to be seen and heard by the masses. 

Dr. Pat Rogers, CEO, and Founder is one of a kind, full of energy and inspiration, determined to leave her mark wherever she goes! Her focus is, “People need people!” According to Rogers, “Getting up, suiting up, and showing up is the only way that you can achieve more in your life.” The two-day event features 14 speakers, 16 expert panelists, and 15 sponsored vendors. 

Dr. Rogers explained, “Our community takes pride in the relationships that are born before, during, and after each event.”

Dr. Pat Rogers knows that “People need people,” and her zone of genius lies in being an Event Coordinator where she sets a platform for public speakers to share their message from the stage. 

Since 2013 she has been hosting annual conferences, monthly luncheons, and workshops to educate, rejuvenate, and inspire entrepreneurs. 

Pat takes pride in connecting entrepreneurs to build relationships to support each other’s dreams and assist each person in realizing their business vision and creating more wealth. 

Dr. Rogers has been featured in several magazine articles and has achieved numerous awards for her community activism and support of entrepreneurs. 

Awards include: Former Florida Chapter Leader for World Women Conference & Awards, Recipient of She Inspires Me Award, Shining Star Award, Uncommon Leadership Award, Jean Lynch Lifetime Achievement Award, Speech Competition Award, Caregiver’s Award, & Business Icon Award. Her most recent is Honorary Doctorate Award from “Theophany University.” 

She is an active member of various organizations, including IAW (International Association for Women), GTC (Global Trade Chamber of Commerce), BCC (Biscayne Chamber of Commerce) and WPN (Women’s Prosperity Network), and WWV (Women with Vision), where she holds the position of Social Media Manager. 

The conferences that she hosts for entrepreneurs to share their message from the stage, assist them in building relationships and increase their “Brand.” 

By working together, entrepreneurs can achieve more and grow their businesses exponentially. 

To view some of the LIVE and Virtual events that “Entrepreneurs: Living the Dream” host, go to https://PatriciaRogers.com/event/

About Dr. Pat Rogers 

To be a speaker at future events, schedule a 45-Minute Session at http://www.Calendly.com/PatRogers

Email her at: info@PatriciaRogers.com. The story of her journey will inspire you to “Get Up, Suit Up, & Show Up!” 

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CEO Pat Rogers is a retired Correctional Lieutenant. Rogers completed 29 years in law enforcement for Miami-Dade County, where she trained thousands of employees to excel in their careers. Retiring in 2016, Pat invested in herself by receiving the coaching, public speaking training, and guidance that she needed to become a successful entrepreneur and public speaker. 

She discovered her gifts, talents, and hobbies and turned them into a business that she loves. Pat has positioned herself as an International Public Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, Event Coordinator, Promoter & Marketer. She provides affordable Legal & Identity Theft Services for entrepreneurs, families, and individuals. Protect Your Legal Rights Here! 

To learn more about Patricia Rogers and connect with her on all her social media platforms, visit: https://PatRogers360.com, or visit her Pat’s Website. 


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