Eleven Rockstar Women In Business You Should Know This Year!

Eleven Rockstar Women In Business You Should Know This Year!

My girlfriends got me through the day while being bullied at school. My grandmother consistently encouraged and allowed me to be myself, and my mother constantly supported me through thick and thin. All these women have had a positive influence on my life. 

However, in society, and especially in the media, women are oftentimes not treated as equals. Because of that, I wanted to dedicate this article to some of the most amazing women in business, who, in their own way, have not only influenced my life but the lives of millions of people across the globe.

That said, and in no particular order of merit, please allow me to introduce you to… Eleven Rockstar Women In Business You Should Know This Year!

Isabell Rodriguez Scandinavia's No.1 Women's Confidence CoachIsabell Rodriguez – Scandinavia’s #1 Women’s Confidence Coach

Would you be able to overcome sexual abuse, age five? What if you had run away from home to seek refuge in a women’s shelter, aged 14? And what do you think your future would look like after years of physical and mental abuse?

If you had no other choice but to live through those life-changing events, as well as the destructive consequences of eating disorders, self-hate, alcohol and drug addiction, would you have even survived to tell the tale?

Well, not only did Isabell Rodrigez survive those experiences, she flipped them upsidedown, turned them around and created the, ‘Rebuild Your Life Program which she now uses to help women break free from their traumas and reach their highest potential.

Isabell is also a children’s activist whose story, currently being evaluated in Sweden, may lead to a possible change in the law concerning child abuse.

Isabell is also an international speaker and award-winning author of, Isabell Then & Now. Her compelling story formed the basis for an award-winning movie about her life (filmed in Sweden), which won the coveted Kristallen award in 2017. In addition to giving back, Isabell lives in Costa Rica where she hosts High-end business Mastermind retreats for women.


Forbes Riley, CEO, Celebrity TV HOSTForbes Riley – CEO + Celebrity TV HOST

Innovation and Ingenuity have been Forbes Riley’s motto which has grossed her more than $2.5 Billion in sales. This new age, demands new, strong, resilient women to step up and be counted. Riley has been doing that on her own, consistently generating her own money and business opportunities since age 17. By the age of 27, Riley had already made her first million, “I’ve never had a “job” because I yearned for more and support fellow dreamers”.

Her body shaming issues led to her passion for health and the creation of her worldwide portable fitness sensation, SpinGym. Whether wheelchair-bound or bodybuilder, with more than 2 million sold and brand ambassadors worldwide, Riley has all bases covered when it comes to helping anyone looking to get fit, fast.

Since COVID, and never one to rest on her laurels, Riley has launched a global coaching and leadership training company with her 17-year-old daughter, Makenna and is excited to help lead a path for future women leaders.


Talia Adika MBA International Healthcare SpecialistTalia Adika – MBA International Healthcare Specialist. Helping Others During a Global Health Pandemic

Talia Adika is committed to helping others during the COVID 19 healthcare Pandemic. While the whole world was locked in some form of shut down, Talia worked hard and was committed to assisting others in need during the global crisis.

Most surprising of all Talia Adika will never charge a fee for her services. Yes, her services are free to you and she is a true professional Rock Star in every way!


Krisha Young - Executive Coach for High Performing LeadersKrisha Young – Sabotage Slayer and Love and Sexuality Embodiment Coach and Human Design Guide

Women today are starving for powerful feminine leaders. They want a real woman, who has been in the trenches, with kids, obligations, and a life full of obstacles and challenges. Then despite these circumstances, she was able to rise through it and achieve success on her terms. But this is not the old version of success – this isn’t about crushing goals or accumulating material possessions. This is about trusting yourself, honoring that inner voice, setting loving boundaries, and living life with the gate wide open with no apologies and standing firmly in your truth.

Krisha Young is the influential female leader who has inspired so many women on a global scale! She uses the power of her voice through writing and speaking to inspire and influence women to shake off the shackles of the status quo and step into the powerful women they were born to be. She will mindfully lead you into your greatness, prosperity, and alignment with your soul.


Margaret Thorli - CEO H&R Training ProfessionalsMargaret Thorli – CEO H&R Training Professionals

An Award-Winning Business Start-Up Trainer, Business Coach, and Career Mentor.

Margaret Thorli is a successful “mumpreneur”, author, public speaker, trainer, and career mentor for single women and lone parents. Her company, H&R Training Professionals is a charity established in October 2008 which turns around the lives of vulnerable residents in communities, experiencing multiple/complex disadvantages due largely to poverty, lack of motivation, and social isolation.

From June 2011-2019, she has trained coached 1200 women, lone parents and single fathers inspiring and motivating them into setting up a company with zero finance and supporting coaching them to secure their dreams jobs and fulfilling their potential. Also, she has over 30 years experience running businesses, she is an executive coach, she creates and facilitates life-long-learning trainer and seminars. She advises single fathers, lone parents, on parenting skills. Lastly, she works and mentors young people that may be groomed by the drugs gang.


Jeannetta Collier - Enterprise Inc. & Imaginary Glass Ceiling LLCJeannetta Collier – Enterprise Inc. & Imaginary Glass Ceiling LLC

Jeannetta is the founder of Jeannetta Collier Enterprise. Inc. & Imaginary Glass Ceiling LLC.  Her companies offer a production company, real estate consulting and investment, market trading, radio/podcast, coaching, and training. 

Jeannetta is also a highly sought-after international speaker and best-selling author of “The Best YOU: A 365 Day Motivational Journey”.  She went from a struggling single Teen Mom to a highly successful entrepreneur empowering and transforming the lives of individuals by helping to obtain mental and financial freedom, break-through emotional chains, and thrive.   “My passion is to help you personally and professionally step into your own by providing a personalized solution with proven strategies that transform individuals and organizational culture.”

Jeannetta’s journey and story have magnetized 1,000’s across the globe with her transformational life trainings. While using her knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programing & Human Development.  Jeannetta’s philosophy centers on understanding how people think and what is needed to push people past their fears and into a zone of confidence and clarity that allows them to flourish in the world.


Sarah Jones - Leadership & Career Transformation ExpertSarah Jones – Leadership & Career Transformation Expert

Born with an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit, based on her own past experiences, including being the only female in the boardroom of a major organization by the time she was 30.  Sarah uses her skills and experience to help organizations and motivated professionals achieve their ideal career and leadership paths. She calls this ‘Inside Out Leadership’ helping people to unleash their confidence, resilience, and mindset to fulfill their potential.

Sarah started her coaching and training business several years ago, and regularly speaks at top industry events and conferences. One of her clients called her back in to develop their next set of leaders, referring to the ‘Sarah Jones magic’ – which is taking the organization closer to its goals by developing their new generation of teams and leaders. Another client, within three months, landed his ideal role in the healthcare sector, despite lockdown, thanks to Sarah equipping him with a ‘can-do’ beliefs and attitudes – and clear career plan.


Dr. Karen Perkins - Executive Coach, KPI & NLP ExpertDr. Karen Perkins – Executive Coach, KPI & NLP Expert

Dr. Karen Perkins, is an engaging international speaker, executive coach, internal reset expert,  best-selling author, and business leader and consultant in both the private and public sectors. For over 25 years, Dr. Perkins has coached, counseled, taught, and ultimately inspired well over half a million people worldwide. She educates organizations, groups, and individuals, how to use the keys to personal and organizational growth and has inspired thousands to recognize and fulfill their immeasurable potential.

You’ve heard that getting to 6-Figures is about a great idea and a lot of hustle.  But nobody told you that you can’t hustle yourself from $1m to $10m. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. And yet, there’s only one thing in the way — YOU.

Dr. K is a master at identifying and eliminating the unique obstacle you’re facing to making that 7-Figure Jump. Holding an Applied Scientific Doctorate in NLP, Emotional Intelligence, and Mind Programming Tools, she has the “technology” and experience to reprogram your mind for instantaneous and permanent results.


Barbara Vercruysse - Founder & Owner of Barbara VercruysseBarbara Vercruysse – Founder & Owner of Barbara Vercruysse – Start the Life of Your Dreams – Coaching

Founder & Owner of Barbara’s School of Wisdom

Founder & Owner of Barbara’s Empire of Love

Quality Management for BMW – Peter Daeninck

Selection Committee Member at PeacePrize.org

Barbara Vercruysse has been inspiring millions on several social platforms over the past years with a message of empowerment, compassionate leadership, and kindness. After facing several challenges in life and surviving stage 4 skin cancer at the age of 32, she decided to live her second life at the fullest. She started a coaching business and dedicates herself to her true passion: guiding people through a deep transformation. She supports people around the world in leading a fulfilled life, creating impact and success.

One of her clients is BMW where she operates as a Quality Manager and Business Coach, she is responsible for screening all business processes and guiding people to perform optimally in their job. Empowering people, supporting them in taking their lives to the next level, has become her life mission and she is genuinely leading by example.

Barbara is a Certified Master Life Coach, Business Coach, and was published in the Huffington Post and Thrive Global. She recently founded an online school: Barbara’s School of Wisdom and a webshop: Barbara’s Empire of Love.


Sheena Cantar - High-Performance Mindset MentorSheena Cantar – High-Performance Mindset Mentor

It is Time!!  To transform your dreams into Reality, Your goals into Achievements and your thinking into results.   Sheena Cantar works alongside the world leader in human potential, Bob Proctor, and shows you how to install your goal at the deepest levels of your mind, harmonizing it with the natural laws of the universe. 

If you want something more out of life, if you have tried to make changes in the past without success, if you have a specific goal but don’t know how to achieve it, the good news is you can have anything you seriously want.  Sheena shows you how with immediate impact and lifelong application.  Be more Do more Have more with Sheena Cantar.


Shayne Warden. Global Industry LeaderShayne Warden

Global Industry leader disrupting the cleaning industry. Shayne is a serial entrepreneur, an inspirational leader, motivated to spearhead positive change and the mindsets about probiotics and cleaning, eradicating the use of harmful Petro-based chemicals.

The issues she would like to solve…

Shayne is on a mission-driven AND MOTIVATED TO SPEARHEAD POSITIVE CHANGE and mindsets about probiotics and cleaning. She wants to take the Petro, out of the Petro-chemical for the cleaning industry…and make it a safe natural industry.

Shayne says within five years probiotics will be the norm in the cleaning industry as a safe natural alternative range of 100% natural, non-petro based, nonpathogenic with environmentally-friendly probiotic cleaning agents, which consist of benign micro-organisms of organic origin derived from renewable plant-based or probiotic resources containing only substances with proven minimal impact on people and the environment ensuring optimal, sustainable cleaning, eliminating petro-chemicals.

Adopting a biomimetic Cradle2Cradle approach producing environmentally friendly cleaning products taking into account, safety to humans, the environment, hydrological and ecological systems designed for future lifecycles using safe materials that can be disassembled and recycled as technical nutrients or composted as biological nutrients.

Shayne’s goal is to manufacture and distribute a range of probiotics cleaning products and materials globally delivering eco-friendly innovative, performance-driven solutions through ongoing investment in people sharing equal values and commitment to making a positive impact on our environment and the society in which we live.



I believe we are all one everyone is equal women make the world run smoothly. Be sure to follow this list of incredible women in business making a big impact in this world. Please share this article and let’s make a wave for the girl power!!

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