Elise LoSasso, Realtor with The Agency-Denver, Interviewed on the Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Elise LoSasso discusses Authenticity and Success: Finding Your Unique Brand 

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Elise LoSasso discusses how her diverse work experiences in different industries have helped her develop strong communication skills and the ability to be precise and concise. She specifically mentions her time working for principals in an engineering firm and luxury leasing, both of which required effective communication skills. These experiences taught her the importance of clarity and brevity in her interactions with clients and colleagues.

LoSasso, also emphasizes the crucial role that these communication skills play in her current position as a real estate agent. She highlights that her office is located in Cherry Creek North, providing her with numerous business connections. However, she stresses the importance of recognizing that behind these connections are people. She believes that success lies in acknowledging the human-to-human aspect of business interactions, rather than viewing them strictly as business-to-business or business-to-consumer transactions.

Furthermore, Elise highlights the significance of building relationships in the real estate industry. She explains that referrals are a significant part of her business, and these referrals stem from the strong relationships she has cultivated with her clients. Merely possessing knowledge and expertise in the market is not enough; building relationships is essential for becoming referable and standing out from other real estate agents.

Overall, this episode underscores the importance of effective communication and precision in various industries, including engineering, luxury leasing, and real estate. It emphasizes the value of communication in building relationships, connecting with clients, and ultimately achieving success in business.

Elise shared: “I always like people to be pretty transparent and vulnerable, and I really feel that’s when I can get close to others. And so, in my first couple years of business, I feel like I was just kind of chasing and chasing and chasing the business. And I would listen to people. But then when we did close, it was like: -I’ll always be here for you guys-. And I wasn’t touching them. As far as like really looking into my database and following up with people and seeing how their firstborn is doing, or they have put their dog down or how is their home. And I really did a poor job at that. And you kind of get humbled pretty quickly. And What I mean by that is anybody who’s in a competitive nature, all it takes is one family to not hire you again to sell their house and buy another one. And that happened to me. And I was like, you know what, I want to get the feedback. And I want to get honest feedback. And we just hadn’t heard from you. But the intent is, I never want anybody to feel like I just dropped off or got too successful”

About Elise LoSasso

Elise is a 3rd generation Denver native who was born to buy and sell Denver real estate. She offers a very competitive, sleek, and professional approach to the business and with hundreds of successful closings, her clients provide her with 5-star reviews often referencing “class act”, “skilled negotiator”, and “the absolute best”. Whether you’re selling and/or buying, your home is incredibly important to her, and Elise truly believes it’s the space that relaxes, fulfills, and rejuvenates you; that it’s the place to express your style, your personality, and characteristics of yourself all while creating amazing, loving memories.

As a premier Denver real estate agent, Elise’s intimate understanding of the Denver neighborhoods and other Colorado cities is extensive and gives her the capability to provide each of her clients with a customized buying and/or selling experience. She has learned the skills necessary to navigate and negotiate Denver’s thriving housing market guaranteeing that her clients get their dream homes. Her passion is people, and she thrives off the adrenaline of making them happy while assisting them with their search for their future homes.

With 45 million in sales in 2022, Elise was recently recognized in the Top 1% of Denver Realtors® as well as in the top 1.5% of realtors in the country. In the past five years, Elise has been featured in 5280 Magazine, Denver Top Producers Magazine, The Concierge, Americas Women Magazine, Voyage Denver Magazine, and Vanity Fair. Elise and her husband, Stevie Tuck, are also very talented designers and building a team that enables Elise to be a one-stop shop for those buyers and/or sellers looking to build a new home or who need a creative design eye.

Despite the demands of the profession, she remains active in her community working with various charities and reaching out to help others in any way that she can. After all, it’s what we put into action that matters and it’s a strong community that builds the wonderfully robust and friendly Denver neighborhoods around us. While she’s not helping others, you can find Elise exploring and hiking through the mountains, eating her way through the city, and spending time with her very outgoing and lovable husband and Italian family.

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