“Embracing Me:” Queens In Business Announce The Launch Of 4th Co-Authored Book

Queens In Business is the embodiment of female entrepreneur empowerment. With their fourth co-authored book “Embracing Me”,they motivate all entrepreneurial women to have the confidence to follow their vision.
21st March 2023: Queens in Business, a global community designed to help female entrepreneurs boost their visibility, just announced the release of their fourth co-authored book, “Embracing Me” – available on Amazon from 11am UK time on 28th March.
This new book is a collection of incredible stories and life lessons of 16 female entrepreneurs who found their confidence to shine and who have walked a journey which wasn’t always easy, but was a journey of self-discovery, belief and self transformation.
In this book, the authors share how the challenging path of business has transformed them into leaders and the qualities one must possess to impact the business world and communities. They want to inspire every aspiring business woman to turn what seems impossible into possible.
The book launch in March is the celebration of women, highlighting their unique experiences, and celebrating the myriad of ways there are to find confidence from within, no matter your downfalls.
Queens In Business believe that female entrepreneurs have the ability to contribute to the world and deserve the opportunity to be successful, feel fulfilled, and be visible within their businesses. They want to see more women at the top of business, and strive to guide female entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunities and tools to multiply their exposure, stand out in their industry and attract more business.
This book is created to inspire and guide women across their roadblocks and discover how confidence can become a magnet for endless opportunities.

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