Financial Professional and Bestselling Author, Bob Chitrathorn, Empowers Aspiring Entrepreneurs through his Inspiring Journey and Unique Mentorship

Financial professional Bob Chitrathorn, the Co-Founder of Simplified Wealth Management and the bestselling author of “The Drive to Success,” continues to make waves in the world of business and entrepreneurship as he shares his phenomenal journey and success secrets with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Bob’s career path began in 2004 when he discovered his passion for personal finance, which later led him to co-create Simplified Wealth Management. His experience includes a stint at H&R Block and a keen interest in real estate. During his time at CSUSB, he found his calling – empowering others to make the best decisions for their financial lives. Starting by merely helping his parents navigate the complexities of finance, Bob’s professional accomplishments quickly skyrocketed. Today, he can boast an impressive portfolio with over 19 years of industry experience and hundreds of clients who value his expertise.

Bob’s 2nd bestselling book, “The Drive to Success,” encapsulates his unique approach to business success, mentoring, and motivation. Through vivid storytelling, Bob shares invaluable insights drawn from his personal experiences as an entrepreneur, emphasizing the significance of listening to clients’ needs, as he did for his parents, and breaking down complex financial strategies into actionable plans.

His book also focuses on overcoming the fear of failure – an obstacle that holds many budding entrepreneurs back. By offering authentic and transparent accounts of his journey, Bob inspires readers to remain driven and focused on their goals, even during challenging times.

Designed as a roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs, “The Drive to Success” helps individuals understand that success is not a linear process and that overcoming obstacles and failures is integral to achieving their dreams. Bob Chitrathorn’s unique motivational approach and guidance encourage entrepreneurs to stay dedicated to their goals and make better-informed decisions.

Bob’s unwavering passion and dedication to motivating and mentoring entrepreneurs have garnered well-deserved recognition and respect within the industry. Whether a startup founder, a small business owner, or considering taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, Bob Chitrathorn’s “The Drive to Success” is an essential read, poised to arm readers with the tools, strategies, and inspiration to achieve their ultimate business vision.

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The Drive to Success will be the first documentary book to share the stories of successful entrepreneurs and their experiences with failure. The book will also feature stories about what some of these entrepreneurs have learned from their failures, overcoming adversity, and ultimately succeeding.

Chitrathorn said, “This documentary book will assist you in discovering your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur, identifying opportunities for improvement, developing strategies that work for you, and ultimately increasing your chances of greater success. You will hear stories of failure, so you know what not to do and how to learn and grow from it. You can turn each failure into a success with the right attitude and dedication.”

Describing the book, Chitrathorn said, “This book isn’t about luck or overnight success; it’s about hard work and determination in the face of adversity. It acknowledges that failure is essential to growth and progression as an entrepreneur and will guide how to proactively use those failures to support your business to reach new heights. This book is not for you if you’re looking for a shortcut to the top. But if you’re ready to put in the effort while learning from your mistakes, this book can be a valuable resource on your journey toward achieving greatness.”

About Bob Chitrathorn

Suthipong Robert Chitrathorn (or Bob for short) came from humble beginnings. Born to parents Puttachart and Sakul Chitrathorn, Bob was raised in a mobile home park in Colton, CA. His parents migrated to Michigan from Bangkok, Thailand in 1974, before settling in Southern California. As a child, Bob didn’t realize how good others had it until he ventured out of the ghetto and went over to friends’ birthday parties. There he’d witness the luxuries of living the American dream and of the possibilities that lay ahead.

To the Chitrathorns, life in America was a gift and they were proud owners of property in America. They worked hard to put food on the table and to put Bob and his younger sister, Crystal, through school. Bob ate sandwiches with nothing but cheese on them, but he was blessed nonetheless. He learned that perspective made all the difference in life.

In his mother’s words, “education is money in the bank.” She teaches nurses still to this day, but she and Sakul, a factory worker, sacrificed to make a better life for Bob and Crystal. They paid for both kids to go through private high school and then helped pay for college.

Their dedication and sacrifice didn’t go to waste. Bob received a full ride scholarship for his first year at La Sierra University, before transferring to Cal State San Bernardino. He received his B.S. in Finance, as well as a B.S. in Real Estate, while minoring in business administration. Despite the rigorous course load, Bob graduated magna cum laude and was named part of the Golden Key Honor Society.

In 2004, Bob became a financial advisor, which was an opportunity to make a good living, while helping others make the best decisions for their own financial lives. He had a short stint at H&R Block and also considered real estate, but he found his passion in personal finance. While Bob was attending CSUSB, his parents were working with an agent at New York Life. Bob always sat in on their meetings. He found that by listening to his parents’ goals and conveying the pros and cons of their decisions, that they would listen to him more often than their own advisor.

When Bob became an advisor, it was a no brainer that Puttachart and Sakul would work with their son, who always listened to their needs. With over 18 years of industry experience, he now has hundreds of clients beyond his parents to guide and influence. Bob recently joined newly established Simplified Wealth Management to help grow a new brand and to help shape the next generation of financial advisors.

In 2016, Bob contributed a chapter to best selling author and esteemed motivational speaker, Brian Tracy’s book. The book, “Success Manifesto: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs & Professionals Reveal Their Secrets to Mastering Health, Wealth & Lifestyle,” was an opportunity for Bob to share his love for planning and for his clients.

He holds the Series 6, Series 7, Series 63 registrations with LPL Financial, and Series 65 registration with Strategic Wealth Advisors Group, LLC, and life, health and long-term care insurance licenses. He also holds a Certificate in Financial Planning from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. Bob has been married to the love of his life, Brittany, for ten years. They live in their Riverside, CA home with their rescue dog, Mazy, a pool, putting green, and a Pittsburgh Steelers themed bar that’s perfect for Sunday Night Football.

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Bob Chitrathorn is a registered representative with, and securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advice offered through Strategic Wealth Advisors Group, LLC, a registered investment advisor.  Strategic Wealth Advisors Group, LLC. and Simplified Wealth Management, Inc are separate entities from LPL Financial.




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