Find a Life Filled with Peace, Contentment and Success with Barbara Vercruysse

Find a Life Filled with Peace, Contentment and Success with Barbara Vercruysse

Many people are living a life where they feel stuck and would love to have a second chance. Barbara Vercruysse was given her second chance but it came after what could have been a tragic diagnosis. Being faced with the devastating reality of stage 4 skin cancer at the age of 32, Barbara was able to understand the value of living a life of intention. As a survivor, she decided to live out her second chance with an entirely new mindset. After running a successful six-figure construction business for 18 years, she now dedicates herself to her true passion; guiding people through a transformation from what they currently do to what they dream of doing.

For millions of people, the year 2020 has given many reasons to take a step back and look closer at what we want our lives to be about. Do we want to continue on in careers that bring us little to no joy and let our dreams remain thoughts? Or, do we want to take chances, seek positive guidance, and live a life of no regrets? For those that want to step out of their comfort zones, Barbara’s online School of Wisdom was formed to offer intensive coaching and provide empowerment to make those dreams a reality. The online element was created to be able to extend the reach to as many interested individuals as possible.

Barbara Vercruysse is the combination of a brilliant leader with a huge heart. She leads with profound wisdom on human behavior, care for her clients, and the desire to help each one embrace a life of contentment. She is a Certified Master Life Coach, Business Coach, public speaker, and author of Start the Life of Your Dreams: A 7-Step Program to a Successful and Fulfilled Life and 7 Most Powerful Techniques to Release Stress. Additionally, Barbara has created a line of products, known as Barbara’s Empire of Love, including Inspiration Cards and a Gratitude Journal, to inspire and motivate people on a daily basis.

As we currently face many new challenges, and many wonder if they are here permanently, it has become imperative to do a massive mindset change. The competitive advantage that Barbara’s School of Wisdom offers in part stems from her personal experiences battling adversity, partnered with her many years of coaching and being an entrepreneur herself. Learning various strategies, through extensive research, for overcoming a myriad of life and business obstacles, Barbara’s knowledge of self-development, psychology, and human behavior allows her to tap into the mindset of her clients. This has allowed her to make a tremendous impact for those who are open to connecting at a deeper level.

As a mentor, Barbara, who leads with compassion, guides her clients on a journey of dramatic transformation, breaking down intimidating barriers along the way. Her personal guidance places a major emphasis on wiping away the default programming that they were raised with and replace it with more positive, success-driven philosophies that allow clients to become the master of their own destiny. Personal mentoring consists of 2-hour one-on-one coaching sessions that are held either in-person or virtually. She also provides workshops, video modules, and workbooks all with a common goal of finding clarity in life and business.

Barbara’s School of Wisdom, with the main course “The Journey”, dives deep into what holds individuals back from reaching the next level. With the goal of her programs being to propel clients forward. She offers compelling and relevant topics where she has the highest level of expertise including:

  • Building up Resilience After Setbacks
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Brand Building & Awareness
  • Finding Your True Purpose
  • Finding Balance in a Hectic Life
  • Develop Unshakeable Self-Confidence
  • Improving Relationships
  • Spiritual Awakening

Through the course or through the personal guidance, clients will learn how to connect with their inner place of joy, let go of doubt and uncertainty, find peace in difficult circumstances, no longer fear rejection, develop a permanent attitude of gratitude, free themselves from harmful programming, raise awareness, observe negative default though patterns and overall build stronger mental alertness.

Here’s what others are saying about working with Barbara:

“Best coach, best mentor ever. I appreciate every minute spent with her. Thanks for the support and teaching me how to let go of things I can’t change.” – Marijke Lammens, Senior Supply Chain Manager, BARD EDC

“Barbara is an amazing inspirational leader and definitely one of the kindest and most resourceful I have met on my journey so far. Her resilience and determination to improve herself and her work are highly admirable. I have followed her writings and videos for a couple of years now and I must say her wisdom has truly impacted on my personal and professional life.” – Uchenna Ilo, Author of The Art of True Love, Spiritual Teacher and Doctoral Candidate

Having faced many storms in life herself, Barbara has been able to create the most effective tools to bring clients out of their own storms and to a life of success, happiness, and purpose.

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  1. Belay Assefa

    Barbara is the role model of this planet.I have been following her life coaching lessons for more than three years.She is nthusiastic ,and passionate.Eventhough my progression in life is in constant loop,i have got so many lessons in my life that are motivating and encouraging.
    Thank you so much

    1. This is lovely to hear thankyou for your kind words.

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