Ideal Age Aesthetics Featured on Vegas Business Spotlight Podcast

Ideal Age Aesthetics, a results-driven skincare business, was recently featured on the popular podcast, Vegas Business Spotlight. In this episode, Nicole Genet, the founder of Ideal Age Aesthetics, shared her journey and insights into the importance of skincare for local residents.

During the podcast, Nicole Genet highlighted her passion for providing services that show immediate results. With a focus on lymphatic drainage and massage on the face, as well as natural-based products, Ideal Age Aesthetics aims to help clients achieve clear and healthy skin.

When asked about the significance of skincare for local residents, Nicole Genet emphasized the impact it has on making a positive first impression. She stated, “Your face is your first impression when people meet you. We want to make sure that the first thing they notice about you is your clear skin. It boosts confidence and allows you to shine from the inside out.”

Nicole Genet also discussed her inspiration behind starting her own business. After losing her regular 9-to-5 corporate job during the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to follow her lifelong passion for skincare. “I’ve always loved skincare, and I thought, why not do it now? I wanted to have my own business, be my own boss, and make connections on my own terms,” she explained.

Starting a new business from scratch came with its challenges, but Nicole Genet credits networking as a key factor in her success. She attended various networking events, including joining the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, to put herself out there and meet new people. By building meaningful connections within the Las Vegas business community, she was able to grow her clientele and create awareness for Ideal Age Aesthetics.

Las Vegas, known for its diverse industries, has played a significant role in shaping Ideal Age Aesthetics’ business strategies. Nicole Genet highlighted the importance of tapping into the needs of the local elderly population in Anthem, where her studio is located. By offering tailored skincare solutions for aging skin, she has been able to serve a specific niche and build a loyal customer base.

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Nicole Genet has embraced the mantra of perseverance. “Don’t give up, no matter what,” she advised. Despite the challenges and setbacks, she believes that staying positive and determined is the key to achieving success.

Looking ahead, Nicole Genet has ambitious goals for Ideal Age Aesthetics. She aspires to grow her clientele, enhance customer retention, and continue providing results-driven skincare services. With a focus on corrective and preventative treatments, she aims to cater to a diverse range of clients, from the elderly to the younger generation.

To learn more about Ideal Age Aesthetics and Nicole Genet’s inspiring journey as a business owner, listen to the full podcast episode on Vegas Business Spotlight. For further information, visit the Ideal Age Aesthetics website at

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