Internationally Renowned Speaker and Business Coach Dr. Shirlene Reeves Achieves International, Best-Selling Author Status with “Selling Through Your Heart”

Selling Through Your Heart was originally published on February 26, 2019, and recently became an international best-seller. Following its March 19th relaunch, the book reached number 1 on the bestsellers list in the US, Canada, and Australia and was among the top 10 best-sellers in the UK. Dr. Shirlene Reeves received an award from the Best-Selling Authors Association for her stellar achievement.

Dr. Reeves’ book became a bestseller in the categories of “Sales and Selling,” “Consumer Behavior,” “Business Consulting,” and “Business & Money.” In this book—a comprehensive, step-by-step guide designed exclusively for businesspeople, salespersons, and entrepreneurs—readers discover how to develop an abundant mindset, effectively communicate with others, build a sturdy foundation for any business, effectively market products, and services, and sell them using the 3 Step Sales Waltz™.

The book has sold more copies than those of many other literary superstars including Seth Godin’s This is Marketing, Grant Cardone’s Sell or be Sold, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Influence and Pre-suasion as well as books by Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Russel Brunson, and many others.

Selling Through Your Heart, which features a new cover design in the March 2020 relaunch, has won four coveted awards: the 2019 Independent Press Award, the 2019 Next Generation Indie Award, the International Press Award, and the 2019 Big Book Award.

In his online, five-star review of the book, Patrick Snow, author of Creating Your Own Destiny, stated, “Shirlene Reeves has hit a grand slam with this book. Finally, a book about selling that is soft, kind, gentle, and actually allows you to empathetically relate to your buyer by serving them in a heartfelt way to make the sale a win-win for both parties involved. This book is more than just a sales book. It is a tool to help you build better relationships with your prospects and ultimately achieve financial freedom once and for all.” 

About Dr. Shirlene Reeves: For seventeen years, Dr. Shirlene was the CEO of her nationwide corporation, which she bootstrapped from $0 to multimillions and 23,000 employees. Besides being an international speaker, Dr. Shirlene is a Web TV host and a worldwide, syndicated podcast host. Dr. Shirlene specializes in coaching small business entrepreneurs with proven strategies that build global, high-income, heart-based businesses.

Dr. Shirlene’s program mentorship includes four programs offered à la carte or as a full package, depending on the needs of the client. Dr. Shirlene’s package includes Heart-based Selling, Business Mastery Platinum, the world-renowned Massive Visibility Media™, and Remove Fear Forever (Whole-hearted Spiritual Counseling). Each course is designed specifically for women coaches, authors, and small business owners wanting to make an impact in the world through radio, podcasts, and web TV interviews. 

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