Intuitive Life and Business Coach Deidre Sirianni became a bestselling author with the release of her new book “Turn Your Light On.”

Turn Your Light On is a powerful guide where readers can learn to understand the concept of Spiritually Aligned Chaos, clear their karma, and listen to their soul’s communication. Through an 8-week program, Deidre gracefully guides leaders in implementing the transformative strategies outlined in the book to quieten the noise and create a more fulfilling life.

“The question is not whether or not you are here to do great things; the question is: are you willing to listen to your soul and turn your light on?” says Deidre Sirianni. 

This book is the answer for those seeking to tap into their inner wisdom and bring more meaning to their lives. Deidre’s approach is rooted in ancient wisdom and has the power to initiate great leaps in human evolution and make a more significant impact.

According to James Twyman, New York Times Bestselling Author of “The Moses Code,” “Deidre Sirianni is a carrier of ancient wisdom and a way-shower that initiates great leaps in human evolution.” 

In “Turn Your Light On,” Sirianni teaches readers how to navigate life’s challenges and connect with their higher selves. The book provides a step-by-step guide to help readers quieten the noise and rediscover their true purpose.

Turn Your Light On” is a must-read for those looking to tap into their inner wisdom, connect with their higher selves, and bring more meaning to their lives. Through her teachings, Sirianni inspires readers to turn their lights on and live their best life. The book is available now on Amazon and is already a hit among readers and reviewers.

In addition, Sirianni’s 8-week program provides practical tools and techniques for readers to implement the strategies outlined in the book. The program is designed to help individuals overcome limiting beliefs, release negative patterns, and create a fulfilling life aligned with their soul’s purpose.

When asked about her client’s experience of working with her, Deidre highlighted that within a year of working together, her client Ashley Robinson, Entrepreneur met the man of her dreams, married him, and had a baby. She is also on track to make her first million dollars in business. 

“This was all possible from the deeper work that Deidre and I did together in releasing what was not in alignment with my true identity. Deidre then helped me to reprogram what I truly desired in my life and business” Ashley Robinson, Entrepreneur

About Deidre Sirianni. Deidre started her own business in her early twenties after her journey of spiritual awakening. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs where at an early age she was inspired by how her parents could create businesses based on how they wanted to live their lives, create their own hours, and made their own opportunities. In her teaching, Deidre uses her own personal experiences, intuition, and a wide range of modalities, ancient wisdom, proven processes, and tools to guide her clients to achieve accelerated results.

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