Jeffrey Wolfe: CEO Adventure TV – Disruption and Breaking Paradigms to Create Massive Success

Jeffrey Wolfe of CEO Adventure TV was a guest on Business Innovators Radio, and The Thought Leaders Show. He spoke about his life-changing journey to become a disruptor.

Wolfe talked about his mother’s passing and how it changed his life forever. Her loss helped him become closer to his father, and it helped motivate Wolfe to look at life differently. Ultimately, Wolfe became a positive disruptor in the business and marketplace.

He leads small groups of five to seven entrepreneurial CEOs of mid-size companies to experience a shared “bucket-list” adventure, priming “out-of-the-box” thinking for creating big breakthroughs. Wolfe says the adventures include everything from archeological digs to whitewater rafting mixed with deep-dive discussion over meals covering business and life.

Wolfe says that it’s important to live our “bucket list” life now, and not to wait.

“Jump off a bridge with me…after that, you’ll be beyond thinking out-of-the-box,” Wolfe said.

“It is the backdrop of playfully stretching our boundaries that really opens up our minds to new opportunities.”

“We focus on sharing each other’s insights, while also inviting Celebrity CEOs to join us. Our participants can pick their brains to expand opportunities for business,” said Wolfe. “CEO means Continuously Expanding Opportunities.”

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AdventureCEO TV Live Streams

Currently, Wolfe is hosting AdventureCEO TV Live streams on Facebook and YouTube. Recent interviews include a conversation with “One to Many” Thought Leader Dave Dee about “What is Working Now During Covid-19.”

He also spoke with Informercial and Fitness Leader Forbes Riley about “The Power of the Pitch.”  Riley created the “Spin-Gym” and sells more than 10,000 per month on HSN. Forbes Riley has done more than $2.5B in sales on the HSN and QVC networks.

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