Jen and Andrew Gallegos, Loan Officers with New American Funding, Interviewed on the Elite Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Jen and Andrew Gallegos discuss building an ecosystem of growth and intentionality.

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Jen and Andrew Gallegos delve into the significance of implementing systems to ensure a consistent and successful client experience. They accentuate that having systems in place doesn’t mean being robotic, but rather provides a framework to achieve and deliver the desired outcome to clients.

A key element in creating a successful client experience is having a well-documented system. This involves clearly defining responsibilities and documenting the process. By having a written system, the entire team can follow the same process, ensuring consistency in delivering the client experience.

Jen and Andrew Gallegos also stress the importance of using checklists as part of their system. Checklists help ensure that all necessary steps are followed and nothing is overlooked. They also highlight the value of learning from mistakes and constantly seeking ways to improve the client experience.

In addition to business systems, Jen and Andrew touch on the personal systems they have in place. They proudly admit to being “dweebs about systems” and share that they have systems for various aspects of their lives. One specific system they highlight is their morning routines, which they believe directly contribute to their success in business.

Weekly team meetings are also mentioned as a key component of the system. During these meetings, team members contribute ideas to improve the client experience. This collaborative approach fosters knowledge sharing and insights, leading to continuous improvement.

Jen and Andrew Gallegos shared: From a business standpoint, we’re hyper-focused on creating a client experience that culminates with our client becoming a raving fan. And the way that we define a raving fan in our business is someone who does three things: One, gives us a five-star testimonial online. Two, work with us on every mortgage transaction that they ever do in the future. And three, refer their friends and their families and their acquaintances to us. So, checklists are a big part of that. Weekly team meetings where we all contribute ideas on how to make the client experience better. Learning from mistakes. Those are all a part of that from a business standpoint.”


About Jen and Andrew Gallegos

Andrew Gallegos is a Mortgage Lender and leads an amazing team in Lakewood, CO that produces in the top 1% of mortgage lenders year over year in the United States. He got into the business in 2010 and is proudest of the relationships he has built with his clients and referral partners. He has almost 700 5-star reviews and values himself on providing a wonderful and unforgettable customer experience.

Jen Gallegos joined Andrew and his mortgage team after being an educational leader for over a decade. Previously, she oversaw discipline and attendance for over 160 schools in Jeffco Schools, facilitated leadership development training to principals and school administrators, and she was also previously a school principal and high school dance coach. She continues to facilitate and lead leadership development training for many school districts in the state and is proud to continue being a leader in this space in education in her free time.

They also are hosts and producers of the Headed Home Podcast, which they created in 2019 to unearth the secrets behind how incredible individuals smash their goals, tackle challenges, and excel in today’s dynamic world.

Jen and Andrew feel so grateful that they are each other’s best friends and are parents to two beautiful children. They also find themselves with many hobbies. Andrew loves playing basketball, golf, or any game or activity that challenges him. Jen loves to hike, dance, climb mountains, make people laugh, and wander the world.

They believe in personal growth, getting better every day, living with gratitude, treating others the way you want to be treated, and keeping perspective. If you share similar values, please connect with them!

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