Late Term Pregnancy Loss Inspires Joëlle Croteau-Willard To Help Others Who Have Been Through Pregnancy And Infant Loss

Joëlle Croteau-Willard is proud to announce her certification as a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Coach, as well as a Grief & Loss Coach. She is also a speaker and a French & English Language Service Provider. 

Joëlle is a French-Canadian who grew up in Asia, the Middle-East, and Europe. With her background in travel, she speaks four languages and her favorite thing to do is surf. She also co-owns a Gelato Shop in Bali called Mushroom Gelato. With a personal development & leadership education background, she has 10 years of experience in coaching and running educational trainings. 

In 2022 Joëlle sadly experienced a late-term pregnancy loss with her second son, Julien, who died at 6 months pre partum. This personal experience has led her to become an advocate for others who have gone through similar losses. 

Joëlle is offering new coaching services that have never been offered before. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) does not yet have an actual category for this kind of coaching, but the demand and need around the world for this is so vast and deep. Joëlle is among about 20 people on the planet who have this specific training to offer Pregnancy and Infant Loss Coaching (in English & French) as well as Grief & Loss Coaching. 

“It’s time to raise awareness and break the taboo surrounding these topics,” said Joëlle. “Through my own personal experience, I understand the importance of the right sort of support for those who have gone through similar losses.” 

As a bilingual coach, Joëlle is able to provide services all around the world in both English and French. Her unique background and personal experience make her an ideal coach for those who have gone through a pregnancy or infant loss, and are looking for support and guidance. 

For more information, please visit Joëlle’s website at and follow her on social media at 



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