Learn Powerful NEW Mindset Techniques to Become the Leading Lady in Life with SkyHigh Empowerment & Leadership.

Nari Kaur SkyHigh Empowerment & Leadership

A positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. – Winston Churchill

Coming off of a tumultuous year has left many people bewildered and wondering how to move forward with confidence.

In particular, many women entering a more serious stage of life may not be feeling the same level of empowerment they once did because of all of the unwelcome changes the world has provided. And many of these changes are still lingering or have not yet forced their way into a new sense of normal.  

SkyHigh Empowerment & Leadership was formed to help those who are feeling stuck and lack the confidence needed to reclaim the leading lady status in their own lives!

Founded by Nari Kaur, who is proudly of African and Indian descent and who holds an MBA, is a qualified master coach and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner who also comes with a wealth of experience in the corporate world, in the aerospace defense and rail industries, who had a mission of a coaching business to help people self-actualize their skills and abilities to fulfill their human potential in a variety of fields.

Nari is a strong believer that by utilizing mindset work it can shift belief systems from negative and self-doubting to one where thoughts are positive, hopeful, and certain of a future where goals are achieved.

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford

SkyHigh Empowerment & Leadership is a business that focuses on personal development and restoring a sense of resilience in life. They help individuals develop the skills necessary to reach peak performance in both their professional and personal lives.

They have also quickly become a distinct brand that enables others to flourish and exceed their expectations by being afforded exactly the tools needed to get to the next level that they desire.

What makes the company so unique is that the services offered are built on the foundations of independent research, proven psychological theories, methods with tried-and-true track records, and the wealth of personal experience of the company’s founders.

SkyHigh coaches help women make decisions based on their terms that are aligned with their true inner purpose.

Courses offered include customized 1:1 sessions, group workshops, and online courses that cover a varied range of topics such as building confidence, resilience, goal setting, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and leadership training.  

SkyHigh has often been labeled as a forward-thinking business as they tailor their courses based exclusively on the needs, goals, and learning styles of women.

Rather than checking off the boxes to suit a generic audience, their strategies have been designed with the woman’s mindset at the very core of every course outline.

Additionally, they recognize that each person is different, they start from a different place in life and have different goals and thought processes. Therefore, each SkyHigh training is bespoke and custom-designed to provide all clients with the results they are seeking.   

As Nari was born into cultures that bred strong women she has truly become a leader in her own right. And now, it is her mission to help other women regain their sense of strength too.

Her strong values have allowed her to make a huge impact within the coaching industry and clients have valued their renewed awareness of what it feels like to be the master of their own lives. 

With additional resources such as her inspirational and resourceful social media platforms that provide useful daily tips and information about upcoming courses and events and her YouTube channel and podcast, entitled Ladies in Leadership, with profound episodes such as ‘Conquering Imposter Syndrome’ and ‘Embracing Your Queen of Confidence,’ Nari has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Her brilliant perspective of grabbing hold of all that one desires to win in life is remarkably refreshing. The best part is that clients of SkyHigh Empowerment & Leadership can learn to live this way too!

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