Martin Rooney, Author of “Coach to Coach”: Inspires People 50+ with an Epic Pandemic Half Time Speech on Never Too Late for Fitness Radio

While the pandemic and the stay at home quarantine is serious and one of the biggest challenges we are likely to face in a lifetime, Rooney says that it still provides us all with a gift. Rooney says, “Crisis is a gift because it reveals to us what is most important. During the quarantine, we finally have the time to do all the things we said we did not have time for. Like eating right, working out, reading, or spending time with our family. If you are not spending your time on those things now, it was not a time problem. If you do not like how you have been spending your time and energy, change it!”

Everyone has been touched by the pandemic and how we come out of this will be defining moments for countries, businesses, and millions of people alike. The half time in a sporting event is designed to assess where the team is and to set the course for the second half. As people move into the second half of the crisis, what they learn and how they adapt will set their life’s trajectory for years to come. During the Never Too Late For Fitness Radio interview, Rooney explained, “We all know that this is going to be over and you get to be who you are when you emerge. The key to making that happen is ACTION!”

One of the gifts Rooney shared during his half time speech was how to deal with the fear and anxiety people experience because of the crisis. He points out that that the pandemic does not really create fear and anxiety, people create it in their own minds. To help listeners better cope with fear and anxiety, Rooney shared a simple two-step process. Rooney states, “You have to embrace what it is you are really afraid of and ask what actions you can take to minimize that?”

Rooney’s new book, “Coach to Coach”, came out right before the quarantine began. Most people told Rooney that this would be the worst time to ever release a new book. What he has experienced has been the exact opposite. Boosted by rave reviews the book has become a bestseller and is inspiring people around the globe. When host, Phil Faris asked why the book has done so well, Rooney replied, “Now, more than ever, people need a coach in their corner because I think being a coach is the most important job in the world. If you are a husband or wife, or parent, or brother or sister, or teammate or co-worker, you are a coach to someone else. “Coach to Coach” was written to create better coaches everywhere”

The interview concluded with Rooney reminding people to focus on the things they can control, to take action, and win the battle with the six inches between their ears!

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Martin Rooney is an internationally recognized coach, fitness expert, sought-after presenter, and best-selling author.  Martin has his Master of Health Science and Bachelor of Physical Therapy degrees from the Medical University of South Carolina and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science from Furman University.  Martin is the former COO of the Parisi Speed School and is the founder of the Training for Warriors system. The TFW System is now operated in over 200 facilities in 20 countries worldwide and Martin’s programs have been used by over one million youth athletes and adults.

As a coach, Martin has been listed in the top 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness for the last 5 years and in 2015 Martin was inducted into the Personal trainer Hall of Fame.  Over the last 15 years, Martin has traveled to over 35 countries to help prepare world-class athletes and teach trainers, coaches, and students.  Martin has trained hundreds of athletes from the NFL, MLB, UFC, NBA, WNBA.

Martin’s new book, Coach to Coach is helping to create better coaches everywhere. He has also written three best-selling books (Warrior Cardio, Ultimate Warrior Workouts and Training For Warriors) and 11 books overall which have sold over a combined 250,000 copies.

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