Matheo Galatis, the Leaders’ Right Hand, on His Know Yourself Process for Exploring Your Transformational Why, Revealing Truths, and Helping You to Achieve Success

Matheo Galatis, the Leaders’ Right Hand

2020 provided its fair share of hardships, barriers to break down, and uncertainty, all of which have had a residual effect on life in 2021. On a regular basis, there are many aspects of society dragging people down which tend to create limited versions of who these people can be.

According to Matheo Galatis, it is time for these overwhelmed individuals to create the world they want to see by understanding exactly which beliefs and patterns limit them so that they may learn to make a powerful change in their own lives.

In an effort to guide this tremendous change, Matheo is taking the personal development industry to a whole new level by supporting people in discovering what he refers to as ‘the transformational why.’

Matheo Galatis, the Leaders’ Right Hand Magazine CoverTypically, this is the one thing that prevents people from becoming unstuck in their lives which ultimately keeps them from achieving their dreams. Matheo has a proven solution! 

Matheo Galatis has had numerous titles in the personal development industry including a coach examiner, coach supervisor, Professional Consciousness Coach (ICF PCC credential), senior trainer and global manager of The Consciousness Coaching® Academy, and financial director of Beyond Coaching (PTY) LTD, a South African based coaching and training company.

He has trained over 200 consciousness coaches, personally mentored over 40 coaches, and has trained and examined high-performance transformational trainers and teams internationally.

Matheo has also lead group transformational training programmes for over 3000 participants in public courses, organisational training, and retreats since 2012.

Matheo’s coaching and training of CEOs, political and public personalities, therapists, and entrepreneurs span 27 different countries.

As a professional consultant, with an exemplary reputation, he has become known as ‘the leaders’ right hand.’

He is the Founder of a high-end private consulting firm and leadership academy where his primary focus is to support leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and public officials to develop their minds, emotions, and beliefs so that they may reach the next level of success that they are striving to achieve.

Having studied or been influenced by many disciplines including Professional Coaching, Family Constellation Therapy, Psychotherapy Coaching, Training Facilitation, Mind Power Training, Subconscious reprogramming, Belief change, Process work, Shadow work, Trauma release, Energy healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Psych-k, Numerology, Nutritional coaching, and the Demartini Method, Matheo does not compromise on getting to the truth and uses care and compassion.

It has been said, that once the truth is revealed is when real communication and transformation can occur. This is where Matheo’s talents lie as he is known to quickly get to the heart of the matter to bring on the much-desired transformation. 

Matheo’s is designed to provide educational content that supports individuals, enables them to fully know themselves, and enlightens them on how to guide their own lives by utilizing their inner guidance system.

Matheo, who is currently writing two books, the first focusing on finding one’s true self-worth and is set to hit stores in early 2021, is on a quest to help people move away from outdated belief systems and replace that with a trusted inner compass.

He values loyalty and thrives on building long-term, sustainable relationships with clients. This, along with his unique teaching strategies that dig far deeper than most other competitive programs, are all a part of what sets him apart and allows him to be a true industry leader. 

The ideal clients that are suited for Matheo, and the Transform Your Life Process, are those who may have already experienced therapy, personal development, or transformation work but still feel that something is missing or not yet finalized, and are unable to move to the next level in life where meaning and fulfillment are present.

Regardless of their previous self-exploration, the Transform Your Life Process is not a one-size-fits-all program and is indeed one where individuals will be able to work on the deepest aspects of their lives.

If they enter the process feeling unfulfilled and possibly recycling the same issues of the past this is indicative that previous programs were not enough to make the necessary fundamental shift needed. 

Through Matheo’s Transform Your Life Process and customized instruction, individuals will learn the answers, and gain the trust of their own inner guidance, and will live the fulfilled life they have dreamed of!

When there is certainty inside of you, you are not affected by the uncertainty of the world.” – Matheo Galatis 

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