Michael Heppell, International Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author Has a Smash Hit Latest Book “17 The Little Way to Get a Lot Done”.

Michael Heppell, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, is described as the UK’s number one motivational trainer, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Coach to businesses large and small has just released his new book entitled “17” “The Little Way To Get A Lot Done”.    The Limited Number first edition is being snapped up fast by small business leaders, large companies and colleges.

Michael, the author of “How to be Brilliant” (Change your Ways in 90 Days); “Five Star Service” (How to deliver exceptional customer service), and “The Edge” (How the Best Get Better) Plus other titles has had a Formidable Start to the launch of the new book.

Heppell said: “We set a punishing schedule to get the book written and printed within 17 weeks.  We also decided to run a numbered first edition 1 to 999 and the reaction has been amazing.   It has many wonderful contributions from participants on my latest developmental programme based around ’17 Minute Sprints’ to get more done and to motivate and re-energise busy people.

Well known Best Selling Author and Sales Training Guru Jeffrey Gitomer, highlighted Michael’s project and recommended it to his followers for its value.

Interestingly, 17 The Book is augmented by a “17 Audio Programme” for those who want to add that to the collection and it contains a surprising amount of bonus material which isn’t in the book.   Most is at the end of each chapter so if you should want to skip Michael chatting about stuff, explaining why 17 items are on a list etc, then you can just forward to the next chapter.

Michael finished by saying. “I am so excited at this launch and the reaction I have had from those who took part in my personal development programme. So much so, that it has inspired me to create another mind blowing project that will follow right after the smoke settles on this Red Hot Launch of ours.”

If you want to find out more about Michael Heppell and his development programmes visit https://michaelheppell.com/17 or

email Vanessa@michaelheppell.com

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