Millennial Entrepreneur Neo Ross Set To Release Documentary ‘The Breakthrough’


Neo Ross is currently working with partners on the global documentary film “The Breakthrough.” This film will essentially show Neo’s daily work and what a powerful transformation he has been through.

The millennial entrepreneur, Neo Ross, is a full-time traveler visiting 20 – 25 countries each year, with headquarters in Paris, France. Neo is a growth strategist, personal transformation expert and visionary who is committed to helping entrepreneurs find their purpose and unique mission, learn the most critical skills to successfully run revenue-generating systems, design and build an inspiring lifestyle and assist people in feeling like they are making the most of their lives given what they have.

Working under top world experts in this field for the last ten years, Neo has developed an authentic and unique approach to assisting each individual in transforming their lives from boredom and confusion to an uplifting life, assurance of direction, freedom of time, and ever-growing financial benefit. Neo says that this is the type of transition that can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months. He has not just been assisting millennials but has been giving advice to people from all walks of life, emphasising self-awareness and maximum impact. He has an array of clients, including CEOs, consultants, actors, athletes, military personnel, sales professionals, politicians, current business owners, and doctors.

So, when can you expect to watch “The Breakthrough”?

Neo Ross, Dr. John Demartini and other world-renowned experts in psychology, human behavior, and performance are currently working on ‘The Breakthrough’. The film’s directors are Patryk and Kasia, who have previously worked on similar projects such as Leap – The Coaching Movie, Think & Grow Rich, and the recently released film, ‘The Earned Life’ by US #1 leadership expert Marshall Goldsmith. Due to the global pandemic, the film’s world premiere was slightly delayed. However, the movie is set to be released in the last quarter of 2023. The movie will showcase the daily life and work of Neo, Dr John Demartini, and a few others.

Neo Ross is already planning private cinema screenings for the movie premiere in different cities, mainly where his clients, students and partners are based:

In France – Paris, Saint-Tropez, Cannes. In Spain – Madrid, Barcelona. In UK – London. In Denmark – Copenhagen. In Norway – Oslo. In Sweden – Stockholm. In Mexico – Merida. In the US – San Diego, Sarasota. In Canada – Toronto. In UAE – Dubai.

Other channels will also distribute the movie in Japan, the US, and Australia. 

The purpose of the movie is to showcase extremely effective and efficient methods of personal transformation: to reduce stress, and anxiety, be more present, and objective in decision-making, have more clarity in life and be able to create an inspiring life. 

Using such methods, Neo Ross counts almost 10 000 hours of professional work with individual clients, groups, and companies. Recently Neo Ross extended this work into signature weekend seminars and week-long retreats in exotic places, such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Namibia, Malaysia, and Greece.

Neo, the founder of Neo Ross Academy, says —

“ I want to encourage you not to forget your essential purpose in the Universe. Be introspective; keep an inquiring mind. Constantly remind yourself of and engage with your purpose in life because no one else will take care of your purpose, except you.”

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