New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series and Stack Sports Enter Industry Changing Agreement

In a move set to revolutionize the sports industry, the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series has entered a long-term agreement with Stack Sports. This far-reaching strategic partnership not only covers baseball and softball but also extends to additional sports in the pipeline.

As part of the agreement, Future Stars Series will integrate the cutting-edge technology platforms from Stack Sports, such as Sports Connect, TeamInn, StackAthlete, Area Code Baseball and GamePlan into its operations to benefit players and families.

  1. Simplified Mobile-First Registration: Courtesy of Sports Connect, this feature provides parents and athletes with an easy, mobile-friendly registration process. As an industry leader in creating mobile-first experiences, the Sports Connect team will bolster participation, streamline registration, and simplify club management.
  2. Team Travel Simplified with TeamInn: A game-changer in travel planning, TeamInn will optimize the travel journey for both clubs and families, ensuring a seamless experience while on the road.
  3. Empowered Athlete Connection via Stack Athlete: Future Stars Series players will now have access to StackAthlete’s robust mobile solutions and recruiting platforms to market themselves directly to college programs using Future Stars Series testing and game result information.
  4. Premium Event Collaboration: This partnership paves the way for players to demonstrate their abilities to professional scouts and college coaches, by creating the industry’s best network of events. The teams are looking to collaborate on multiple events including, FSS Regional Events, Area Code ID series, the FSS Signature events at world class MLB stadiums like Fenway Park and Citi Field, as well as the iconic Area Code Games.
  5. Data-Driven Performance Insights with GamePlan: GamePlan aggregates and organizes sports data for improved team performance and heightened player exposure. Already implemented at Area Code Baseball Events, and in over 20 MLB clubs, GamePlan will now be a staple at all Future Stars Series events, across individual, travel team, or organized levels.

This collaboration aims to enhance the efforts of Stack Sports and Future Stars Series in fostering player growth through developmental programs, increasing exposure to college and Major League Baseball (MLB) clubs, and streamlining circuits to assist in reliable planning for families, travel organizations, and MLB scouts. It is a significant stride forward in sports development, bringing together the best of technology and sports. It is a testament to the shared vision of New Balance Baseball’s Future Stars Series and Stack Sports to revolutionize the sports industry for the better.

Jeff Young, CEO of Stack Sports said, “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series, a testament to our mutual commitment to enhancing baseball at every level. This partnership represents a perfect blend of passion, tradition, and the kind of innovation that Stack Sports technology brings to the table. Together, we’re not just creating the future of baseball; we’re making the game more accessible, dynamic, and rewarding for athletes everywhere. Working with an industry leader, innovator, and thought leader like Jeremy Booth is what makes advancements like this possible.”

Future Stars Series CEO and President, Jeremy Booth said, “This endeavor can only come to fruition through teamwork and vision, and in Stack, we’ve found partners on this journey that can truly change the game. It’s exciting to work with a group that puts people and players first, and the steps forward together will impact us all in a way that will leave us different than when we started.“

The partnership includes coordination of event calendar and player opportunity. This will streamline and improve the amateur baseball landscape with the support of the FSS Advisory Board and MLB clubs.  The Future Stars Series and Stack Sports Partners both shared their perspectives highlighting the strategic importance, shared vision, and anticipated benefits of this momentous collaboration.

“This partnership brings one of the most critical events on the summer showcase circuit for draft prospects in concert with an event series that puts players first. It’s a huge win for scouts, coaches, and most importantly for the best amateur players in the country.“ Keith Law, Writer – The Athletic

“Stack Sports has transformed the landscape of the baseball ecosystem, seamlessly connecting every step of the journey from little league diamonds to the Area Code baseball games and at the highest levels with MLB clubs. Through their cutting-edge technology, they’ve ensured the dream of every aspiring player is just a pitch away, fueling passion and unlocking potential at every turn.” –  Corey Rodriguez, Milwaukee Brewers Supervisor, Scout Teams/West Coast Special Assignment Scout

“A collaboration between the Stack Sports’ powered Area Code Baseball and the Future Stars Series will be a significant positive for baseball moving forward. Players will be able to showcase their talents for professional evaluators and college coaches while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses, while MLB teams will be able to efficiently allocate resources while viewing the best and the brightest.” –  Joe Katuska, Cincinnati Reds Scouting Director

“This is literally a game changer.  The alignment of Future Stars Series and Area Code marks a significant leap in amateur baseball, benefiting all stakeholders. From player development to enhancing player exposure, aiding scouting organizations, and streamlining operations for clubs. I’m excited for what’s to come.” – Dan Nellum, East Coast Crosschecker – Milwaukee Brewers

“The most successful teams in any sport, the ones making deep playoff runs and winning championships, are taking advantage of tools like GamePlan. In this hyper-competitive sports society, you either evolve or you get left behind. The seamless technology and level of support we get from the team at Stack Sports is crucial to our success and what helps us compete at the highest level.” – Rob Smith, Manager, Baseball Video Operations for the Atlanta Braves

“The impact this collaboration will have on the industry is immense. The growth of this particular showcase opportunity and quality in the overall data-gathering efforts will allow for players to maximize their summer process. The Area Code Games are a historic part of the amateur baseball fabric, and the Future Stars Series has done an exemplary job since its inception. I have consulted on this Union between Stack and the Series and am excited for what’s to come for baseball under Jeremy’s leadership.” – Mike Rikard, Red Sox VP of Scouting

Together, Future Stars Series and Stack Sports are paving the way for an enhanced player experience, enabled by this strategic technology and event partnership. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as this collaboration unfolds.

About Stack Sports:
With nearly 50 million users in 35 countries, Stack Sports is a global technology leader in SaaS platform offerings for the sports industry. The company provides world-class software and services to support national governing bodies, youth sports associations, leagues, clubs, parents, coaches, and athletes. Some of the largest and most prominent sports organizations including the U.S. Soccer Federation, Little League Baseball and Softball, and Pop Warner Little Scholars rely on Stack Sports technology to run and manage their organizations.

Stack Sports is headquartered in Dallas and is leading the industry one team at a time focusing on four key pillars — Grassroots Engagement, Participation Growth, Recruiting Pathways, and Elite Player Development. To learn more about how Stack Sports transforms the sports experience, please visit

About Future Stars Series:
FUTURE STARS SERIES is the Global Initiative of PROGRAM 15 and New Balance Baseball. It boasts a faculty and staff that includes multiple Major League All-Stars and World Series veterans responsible for executing the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series, whose mission is to elevate the game of baseball by providing amateur players across all economic levels an opportunity to reach their full potential through the training, development, and guidance of former MLB players, scouts, and coaches. With a footprint in over 15 countries, participating players have earned signing bonuses well over 100M.  To learn more visit

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