Peter Goldstein of Hippocrates Docs Hosts Radiant Health Dialogues Breast Cancer Prevention Summit October 16-18, 2020

Peter Goldstein, Founder of Hippocrates Docs, is proud to bring Radiant Health Dialogues Breast Cancer Prevention Summit to lower risks for Breast Cancer and Survivors for the first time. Radiant Health Dialogues Breast Cancer Prevention Summit will feature 14 experts on Whole Foods, Plant-Based lifestyle methods to fight breast cancer.

International experts joining Goldstein include Neil Barnard MD and FACCRizwan Bukhari MD, Chris Miller MD, Greg Feinsinger MD, and more. World renowned expert, John Douillard DC, will also be sharing on plant foods with breathing techniques that prevent breast cancer.

The Radiant Health Dialogues Summit is being conducted in collaboration with Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ( in support of their “Let’s Beat Breast Cancer” Initiative.

To participate:

  • Go to
  • Sign up to get announcements of when the interviews with your favorite experts are available
  • Get gifts from some of the world’s most authority on health and well-being
  • Learn how you can protect yourself and your family with this valuable information
  • Get support to implement a healthy lifestyle

Peter Goldstein shares, “Inside this summit you can learn WHY all of these experts are so passionate about a whole foods plant-based lifestyle. We believe there is a solution to the worsening chronic disease epidemic including cancer. The science has proven breast cancer can often be prevented and even reversed using nutrient dense foods! Please join us to see how this can help you and your family be vibrantly healthy.”

This 2020 Radiant Health Dialogues Summit focuses on breast cancer prevention and awareness. The free summit offers video content from experts to guide viewers to better health. These interviews were conducted by Dr. Roxane George and are hosted by Peter Goldstein, founder of Hippocrates Docs. The Summit content will be freely available on until 10/31/20.

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