Randy Molland, Co-Founder of The Reinvestors, a Real Estate Investment and Educational Company, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Randy Molland discusses how his company helps investors connect to incredible investment opportunities.

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Randy explained, “You know that real estate is the best way to build your wealth. The catch is that most people are only taught the basics (go to school, get a good job, buy a home, try and pay it off to retire) but not the strategies to get the absolute best outcome from it, so your lifestyle improves over time. It’s our mission to get you there faster with the tools, resources, and confidence needed to build the wealth and passive income you deserve. Since 2016 we have succeeded in partnering on over $20MM in real estate purchases and developments while raising over $16MM for our projects. None of this would have been possible if we didn’t invest in our education. Getting educated and then implementing what you learn is the greatest way to fast-forward real success.”

Molland continued, “As we studied the wealthy and got mentored by people that we looked up to, we found two underlying reasons for how they created their wealth. It came down to education and taking action that created their financial freedom. You have to be able to implement what you learn, or else it’s just information floating around in your head. Sharing this info and the action steps to success is exactly why we created our online community and our in-person meetups and Mastermind. They say two heads are better than 1, so imagine the impact an entire community can have on their family’s and friends’ futures. We always take an initial conservative approach when we do our due diligence on a property. In our performas, we use lower-than-expected rents, higher-than-needed contingencies, high-interest rates, and low appreciation because all of these factors may change over time, and if the property performs well with these conservative numbers, then our investors will be excited when we deliver the real returns.”  We then live by our “Go Big To Give Big” mission and donate of portion of all of our profits to charities that matter to us. The more deals we do, the more we are able to donate, and the more people we are able to help become financially free.”

About Randy Molland

Randy is a Co-Founder of a real estate investment and educational company called The REINVESTORS. He also co-leads a mastermind for investors where they all work together to create bigger opportunities and support each other to achieve more.

Although real estate is where his entrepreneurial journey started, His true passion lies in the bigger mission of wanting to inspire people with their #GoBigToGiveBig movement where they encourage others to go bigger with their dreams and goals so that you can give bigger with their profits.

Randy is leading the charge of the mission by hosting a podcast called GoBigToGiveBig where he is making others aware of how easy it is to start giving back from the beginning of building a company and inspiring 6 figures earners to become 7 figure givers!

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Podcast: https://www.gobigtogivebig.com

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Website – www.thereinvestors.ca

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