Renowned Violinist, Dmitry Badiarov, Turns to Teaching After Suffering Major Stroke

A successful entrepreneur and big name in the classical music world, Dmitry Badiarov makes his living teaching aspiring instrument makers how to create pieces that stand out from the crowd, passing on knowledge he acquired over a long and illustrious career. His own inspiration for instrument design grew from his passion for playing original, concert grade violins and the passion for the cultural background of these Masters which inspired the creation of the violins today everyone admires… and tries to copy.   


In fact, up until January 2013 he was perhaps better known as a professional violinist, who sold out concerts as a solo performer when he lived in Tokyo and toured the world as a member of the Baroque ensemble Le Petite Bande. But then, in his early forties, he suffered a near-lethal stroke that left him paralysed down his left side. Now a musician who cannot play, he speaks candidly about his past eight years in recovery, and how he had to adapt to continue to contribute to the world of music.  


When he learned the devastating news that he was unlikely to play the violin again, he felt as though he had had his purpose ripped away from him. Though at the time he was unable to see a future for himself, his wife (who is also a talented violinist) opened his eyes to the possibility of sharing what he knew, and making money while doing it. Now well-known for teaching design in a way that draws on the secrets of the ancient masters, he has managed to make a name for himself in his new niche. Known to many as the Ambassador to Ancient Traditions, his work ensures that the craft of handmade violin design is protected in a world where factory-made instruments are flooding the market.  


Dmitry says that, after his stroke: I had a total identity crisis, I didnt know who I was anymore. It was a really dark moment in my life and I wished I had died.” But now, thanks to his immense dedication and ongoing commitment to upholding some of the music industrys oldest traditions, he has found a way to make himself a success story. Combining a newfound passion for marketing with his lifelong love of music, Dmitry has managed to thrive in the face of cruel and distressing circumstances.  


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