Respected Orthodontist Releases Book with Step-by-Step Techniques for Treating Spiritual Wounds During Troubled Times

In Divine Trust: A Practical Guide to End Your Suffering and Find Your Way Home, Dr. Nancy Wiley describes her journey from faith to doubt followed by a period of spiritual seeking, and finally her current state of enlightenment, which she has been experiencing for many years while practicing as a highly respected orthodontist.

Dr. Wiley developed her techniques for attaining inner peace during troubled times in response to difficult events including the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida in 2018. She describes her book as particularly relevant during times of global conflict such as the war in Ukraine, and she hopes that it will reach a wide readership and encourage people to take positive action in the world coming from a place of peace and compassion rather than anxiety and fear.

Dr. Wiley sold her practice earlier this year and now devotes her time to sharing the spiritual techniques that she has developed and describes in her new book, along with raising her daughter. She states that her message is especially urgent as people experience anxiety related to the war in Ukraine as well as violence closer to home.

Divine Trust features a foreword by Marci Shimoff, author of the New York Times bestseller Happy for No Reason. The book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. More details about the book and Dr. Wiley’s journey, her book, and the related services she offers are provided on her website:

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