Sister Act Reshaping Creative Communications Industry

As social media users tire of generic promotional content from brands, more than ever it is apparent that companies need to craft communication strategies to drive sales and meet financial targets. Few brands choose to craft a unique tone of voice, with such a lack of personalisation acting as the crux of many failed marketing campaigns.

Wales-based sisters Hel and Lesley Reynolds launched a counter-acting series of masterclasses, courses and bespoke coaching opportunities in a bid to realign the moral compass of communication professionals and reinvigorate creativity. The offering includes complementary courses in addition to paid courses for groups both in-person and online, and have recently launched a specifically tailored Social Media Expert Course and a programme for PR consultants. 

Hel Reynolds, winner of the 2018’s Freelance Social Media Marketer of the Year Award, brings a dynamic and unique approach to the coaching. Reynolds has built a strong community online including social media freelancers, corporate communications professionals and public sector marketing teams. Her style is the cumulative result of sixteen years within the industry, having branched out from public sector digital and social media management to launch Comms Creatives in 2014 with sister and former teacher, Lesley Reynolds. Together the duo continues adapting to industry innovation and market changes delivering training relevant to upcoming and new technologies and systems, while never losing sight of their objective – making communications creative. 

Based in the UK, Comms Creatives has been supporting international students and classes online for many years. Due to health reasons, Hel designed the training programmes to be also delivered online in order to serve more people and lessen the need for too many in-person meetings requiring travel. This flexible approach to learning has proved a success during the current economic climate, as their already established virtual model has now been applied to students with ease.

Hel Reynolds says, “Our aim is to ignite that fire and passion back to those working in a communications-based role. We want to break the mould, remind people how to create a brand who people want to engage with and talk to. We’re humans, not companies. I’ve seen so many people become overwhelmed and burnt out due to KPI report pressures, difficult managers, limited skills, feeling as if they have to stick to a corporate mould. I say break it. Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.”

Helen’s business partner and sister, Lesley Reynolds continues, “Our courses are there to build confidence in our students, to remind them that they are imaginative and absolutely deserve to truly champion their creativity. We hope in turn that more and more businesses will become less generic, formulaic and cliche in their approach to consumers and customers. Showcasing a personality is key.”

Reuniting students back to pen and paper is also a key feature in Comms Creatives 31 Days of Creativity Challenge, a highly popular 15-minute a day activity designed to explore the imagination. 

In addition to training, Helen Reynolds regularly publishes wry cartoons on the Institute of Internal Communications online magazine, Voice. The popular images highlight Reynolds’ comedic view of the communications industry. 

The Comms Creatives collection of courses and training marries design, copy, audience insights and personality into digital strategies globally.

Registration for Comms Creatives courses for communications practitioners and more information can be found at

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