Sober Companion Program from The Addictions Coach Helps Those New to Substance Abuse Recovery Find Success with Alternative to Traditional Treatment Programs

The Addictions Coach, Dr. Cali Estes recently announced they have developed a comprehensive program that provides elite and concierge sober companions who travel with clients 24/7 or are on site for an event or short period. Real time care provides support with real life issues such alcohol and drug addiction, mental health, anxiety, work issues, and navigating friends and family situations. The certified, bonded and insured sober companions at The Addictions Coach have ten plus years of sobriety and are former executives, business and leadership professionals, retired athletes, and even celebrities.

“This custom approach to recovery support helps our clients continue living their lives, without the disruption of going to a traditional treatment facility. With us, clients get a sober companion that is the perfect fit. With our vast network of trained and certified individuals, we can personality match someone to the sober buddy that best suits their personality, lifestyle and needs,” said Dr. Estes.

She continued, “Clients and companions can meet via ZOOM ahead of time to ensure a great fit and smooth transition. We are the largest provider of sober companions and sober escorts in the world and can guarantee a good match for our clients with their sober companion.”

For nearly 20 years, The Addictions Coach has been setting the bar and defining excellence within the field of private addiction recovery and coaching services. What they offer is something truly unique, incredibly tailored, and simply unbridled by the traditional limitations seen in today’s world of addiction recovery and coaching support services.

Founder Dr. Cali Estes, dubbed “The Female Dr. Drew,” has over 25 years in the addiction recovery and counseling therapy industry and has been featured on CNN, NBC Universal News New York, KTLA TV Los Angeles, NBC San Diego, Forbes Magazine, MSN Money, Entrepreneur Magazine, HBO, The Fix, CNBC, CBS Philadelphia, CBS Chicago, CBS Sacramento, Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest, Huffington Post, among others, for her unique work within the addiction treatment and coaching industry.

Estes explains, “Our unique approach and 24/7 availability for our clients allows them to continue working, playing, and existing in real life situations, while we assist them with all areas of their lives. We come to the client and can appear on movie sets, at the office, at the event, playing field, playing court, tour bus, or travel wherever the client needs us to be. We even have our own South Florida retreat which features astounding comforts and privacy. What we do extends far beyond the scope of what a traditional sober coach would offer!”

The demand for addiction recovery services is growing due to the recent increase in addiction to opiates, continued alcohol abuse, and the uptick in addictive behaviors such as overeating, video game and screen consumption, pornography, or gambling. The Addictions Coach’s Sober Companion and Sober on Demand™ programs will service that need.

The New York Times recently reported, “Alcohol-Related Deaths Spiked During the Pandemic, a Study Shows: The deaths were up 25 percent in 2020 compared with 2019, amid heightened stress factors and delayed treatment, according to a new report.”

NPR also recently reported on the shortage in the recovery workforce. “The US will soon make a unique investment in the field of addiction recovery. Settlements with drug companies over their role in the opioid addiction crisis will soon make billions available to help fund recovery and treatment. But thirty percent of current jobs in the addiction and recovery workforce are unfilled.”

Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach are prepared to help those in need of help. In addition to sober buddies, they also assist with case management, sober coaching, life coaching, court reporting, drug testing, nutrition, cooking, assisting with household duties, and more. They are also equipped to address underlying mental health disorders such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), multiple types of depression, borderline personality disorder, and eating disorders.

Dr. Estes concludes, “A unique component that we can offer is our Signature Sober on Demand services if you need more assistance. We can provide on-site medical detox and deep dive programs instead of a 30-day inpatient stay at a drug and alcohol treatment facility. Whether you need us for a day, a month, or a year, we can be there for you.”

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