TEDxHuntingtonBeach Organizer Invites Community Members to Ignite the Power of Dreams and Explore A World of POSSIBILITY

As the event’s theme suggests, “POSSIBILITY” represents the limitless potential of the human imagination and the transformative power of dreams. Dr. Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D., the visionary curator behind TEDxHuntingtonBeach, expressed her aspirations for the event, saying, “I want my community’s voices to be HEARD & UNDERSTOOD, without prejudice, and create a world of POSSIBILITY! Spreading thought-provoking ideas and the power of dreams to create an adjacent POSSIBILITY within our community is our mission for this event.”

The TEDx platform is renowned for bringing together diverse voices from various fields, offering unique perspectives that challenge conventional thinking. This year’s event will feature 12 inspiring speakers, each presenting groundbreaking ideas that have the potential to change lives and shape the future. 

Here is the speaker lineup for 2023, a multicultural lineup with creative, passionate and brave speakers who will be discussing the following ideas:

Selina López Hinojosa– Overcoming addiction and living a life of sobriety

Katya Davydova– Becoming treasure hunters for everyday joy

Jay Winner, MD– Mindfulness in daily lifestyle

Lisa Pezik- Living a life free of regrets with your portable roots

Laura Clancy– Bridging the gap between tragedy and comedy 

Jen Fontanilla– The shift of money stories for artists and creatives 

Anjani Amriit- Tapping into your higher intelligence to create innovation

Tia Lynn- Breaking through shame and judgment

Jenn Adamson- Harnessing Your Superpower to Make Tough Decisions

Aiko Hemingway- How Japanese speakers can pronounce native-like English

Patricia Bartell- Using your crutches to propel your dreams

Drew Lawrence- The art of becoming a songwriter

The event is organized by a dedicated team of community members who are passionate about making a lasting impact. The team, led by Dr. Izdihar Jamil, comprises individuals such as Erin Tran, Jeremy Clark, Ruben Perez, Monica Bloom, Tabby Biddle, Lacie Armstrong, Jason Cellars, Neil Wahi, and many others, all of whom share the common goal of enriching their community through thought-provoking ideas and initiatives.

With limited tickets available, the event promises to create an intimate and engaging atmosphere that fosters meaningful interactions among attendees. Interested individuals are encouraged to secure their seats promptly by visiting https://www.tedxhuntingtonbeach.com/tickets.

TEDxHuntingtonBeach also offers an exceptional opportunity for businesses and organizations to bolster their credibility, gain worldwide exposure, and leave a lasting legacy. Sponsors who share a passion for fostering innovation and community engagement are welcome to support this transformative event here.

TEDxHuntingtonBeach is set to be a catalyst for change, inspiring attendees to envision new possibilities and take action to create a brighter future for their community. By embracing the power of dreams and harnessing the collective potential of diverse ideas, the event seeks to empower individuals to transcend boundaries and create a world where endless “POSSIBILITIES” abound.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional gathering of minds and ideas. Join TEDxHuntingtonBeach on September 23rd in Huntington Beach, California, to be part of a journey that ignites the power of dreams and fosters a culture of “Possibility.”

For more information about TEDxHuntingtonBeach and sponsorship opportunities, please visit https://www.tedxhuntingtonbeach.com.

The TEDxHuntingtonBeach Team also wants to thank the following sponsors for their support in making this event possible- Eagle Summit Equity, My Yuko Journey and Christi Ahl.

About TEDxHuntingtonBeach: TEDxHuntingtonBeach is an independently organized TEDx event dedicated to exploring ideas worth spreading within the Huntington Beach community and beyond. Through thought-provoking talks, the event aims to inspire positive change and foster connections among attendees, encouraging them to embrace “POSSIBILITY” and make a meaningful impact in their lives and communities.

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