The Auto Pilot of Life

The Auto Pilot of Life by Dawn Bates, Author Coach, Strategist and Publisher, Molecule Shaking Speaker and Digital Ocean Nomad

Consistency is more than a daily action.

It is a way of being, a way of connecting all the dots together so what you project to the world, is deeply embedded in the way you do life.

Take for example some of the people I have come across on my travels.

Boat owners who want to boast.

Boat owners who want the freedom to boast about having a luxury yacht but are trapped by the fear of crossing oceans, choosing instead to go for an afternoon sail, never really seeing what they or their vessel are truly made of.

Then you have the Instafakers of the world who project to the masses what a beautiful life they lead, but when you meet them in co-living co-working spaces they are some of the dirtiest people you will probably ever come across.

Plagued by the desire to look good, very few of us actually go deep enough into our very core of being to connect all the bits of information gathered in life and the life learnings to complete the jigsaw of life, giving us the power to think with clarity and put an end to all the problems we face.

We fix the outside.

We fix the outside with clothing, creams, makeup and in some cases collagen and other injected poisons, rather than drinking more water, getting more sleep, eating healthy, exercising, and getting out into nature to meditate and manifest.

Fighting an internal battle of the mind, body and soul, whilst presenting to the world that we have all the answers and the leadership skills to lead organisations, countries and movements.

But how can that be so when each and every day is a school day, and the more we have the answers to one challenge, another presents itself and we are shown the flaws in our thinking so we can learn more of the answers in this never-ending rabbit hole of discovery.

We speak of leadership, but which kind of leadership?

Are we talking political leadership, commercial leadership, tangible or intangible? Maybe conceptual leadership or results-based?

All very different, and a subject those who profess to know about it are always seeking the true essence and nature of.

Those who have spent decades studying leadership, myself included, are a mix of those who simply study it, those who espouse it and then those who are brave enough to live it.

Living leadership in all essences of its nuances is a very lonely path.

I know, it has cost me dearly over the years, but as with every cost in life, the rewards presented further down the line have been my greatest lessons and the best medicine for some of my deepest wounds.

Leadership isn’t just a combination of three words combined, giving it power to those who see them, but a harnessing of purpose, passion and prosperity for all; something I go deeper into on my 7 Month AUTHORity Mastermind which kicks off in April.

Leading workshops, symposiums, political hustings as well as board meetings for regional regeneration committees around the world, along with community projects, protests seen the world over, global change movements and a band of merry men and wild women across the globe has provided me with insights into the human psyche that fascinates me and gives me great cause for concern on many levels.

Political correctness has provided the perfect platform for assimilation, indoctrination and a world of beings with the inability to think and a desire for nothing more than people-pleasing and fitting in, gaining the approval and permissions they so desperately wanted as a child.

The wounds are on show for all to see, and for those who see them, the light is like a neon light in the heart of Times Square.

Our role as leaders is to lead with heart, foresight and conviction otherwise the time wasted will be squared exponentially, and we are setting ourselves up for a massive fall in our later years, and all those coming through will have a massive void to conquer in the world of commerce, which in turn will be a bad thing for community.

The upside to the lack of consistent thinking and aligned actions is those who embody the joined-up thinking and lettering of life, have a golden opportunity like never before to be the love nudge those on the tipping point need to bridge the chasms and innovate like never before.

If we don’t, we are failing our children who live in a life of protective custody of bubble wrap and ‘there, there darling, mummy has got you’, passing on the baton of generational wounding forevermore.

The youth of today are so tech-savvy.

The youth of today are so tech-savvy and wanting to look good at all costs, cutting corners and taking a quick fix, they miss out on the valuable lessons and foundations in life, which will soon be forgotten, with mental health continuing to decline into the abyss of darkness.

Leaders are meant to lead us into the light, leading us to discover the light within ourselves and the greatness of human potential, but how can we do that if we stay anchored in the marina and in the fear of not rocking the boat?

The simple answer is we can’t, so it’s time to haul anchor, let the lines go and set sail, navigating all that comes our way, paying attention to all our learnings, skill sets and experiences, combining them all, rather than relying on the autopilot of life.

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