The Inspirational ‘I AM Thriving Now’ Global Movement is Turning Pain into Gain

Peggy Bareh found her way out after enduring what felt like a lifetime of abuse. She suffered from having zero confidence, paralyzing fear of rejection, and debilitating depression, and all while parenting three children which made her battle even more complicated. Peggy attributes her extraordinary courage, which helped her escape her abusive relationship, to her faith. And faith is what ultimately led her to embark on a three-year journey of self-discovery that would change her life forever. A faith of knowing there was a better life out there… that was meant for her!

Peggy Bareh earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in law and political science, a Master of Arts in management, a level 5 diploma in Leadership and Management, and in Health and Social Care, as well as a diploma in Life Coaching. She is a mum of three amazing kids, an inspirational award-winning author, empowerment leader, independent domestic abuse advocate and CEO of I AM Thriving Now, the world’s most inspirational global movement intended for one million ambitious abuse survivors to turn their pain into gain. Turning her suffering into a unique recovery toolkit called ‘I AM Thriving Now,’ unlocks the magic of every life that it touches and has been life-changing for Peggy. She has inspired and transformed hundreds of lives already and is on a mission to empower abuse survivors to THRIVE, not just to survive! 

Peggy’s typical clients include women who are 30+, have been in abusive relationships, and have fled but are struggling to survive while providing a healthy, happy and safe life for their kids. Women who are ambitious, and passionate about becoming an entrepreneur or obtaining their dream job and living their best life. Women who suffer from lost confidence, self-esteem, identity, and motivation to pursue their goals, and are even confused about their purpose. Women who give their best each day, but because of the emotional trauma they’ve suffered, it is often not enough and causes them to feel unworthy. Women who are completely unsatisfied with their situation but are unsure of the necessary next steps to turn things around. Women who realize they deserve more and desperately want to move on to restore a beautiful life of purpose, power, peace, and pleasure. And women who recognize the need to act fast before it’s too late. 

Although not an easy road, Peggy did learn how to turn her pain into gain and was able to rewrite her story. Her new book, I Am Thriving NowFrom a Life of Emotional Pain to a Beautiful Life of Freedom is now available to pre-order from Amazon. Paperbacks will be available on June 30th, 2021.  The Book launch is scheduled for July 31st, 2021, in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. This remarkable book is a step-by-step emotional recovery manual for all survivors of abuse, who are searching for guidance on how to reclaim their lives. 

The brand promises of I Am Thriving Now include all things empowering and possible! 

  • Passion Promise – Passionate about building the world’s most inspirational movement for 1 million ambitious abuse survivors.  
  • Product Promise – Walks individuals step-by-step through turning pain into gain
  • People Promise – Delivers practical, inspirational, interactive step-by-step methods to use safely from anywhere.
  • Partner Promise – Committed to positively impacting every life engaged we touch and making your brand sparkle whenever you refer to us.
  • Philanthropic Promise – Donates 15% of all profits towards achieving the ‘No Poverty’ UN Sustainable Global Goal. Done by providing skill development for widows and orphans to give them the basics of healthcare, security, and education. 
  • Provides the following services: 1-2-1 coaching sessions, workshops and publications/books.

Peggy also offers a powerful masterclass called the Mindfulness Kickstarter. This comprehensive program includes a Clarity and Life Control Assessment which gives participants a virtual representation of where they are and where they want to be. By the end of the session, participants receive the following benefits: 

  • Enhanced clarity of life and certainty of a clear path forward
  • Reduced anxiety and despair
  • Gained reassurance and peace of mind
  • Increased motivation to rekindle an inner sparkle

There are many other similar stories of hope and survival, but what makes this one so special is that it comes from a survivor herself! Peggy has lived a life of abuse and understands what other women are suffering through. She also understands where they want to go and knows exactly how to get there. No individual was meant to live a life of pain, and die never fully knowing pure, authentic happiness and freedom. The secret to unlocking true happiness lies within the pain and the time to unlock it is now! 

Your life is 10% what you have experienced and 90% what you do with your experiences.” – Peggy Bareh

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