The Ultimate In Healing Transformation With Caroline Purvey’s Total Release Experience

In 2011, when Caroline Purvey returned from a training program in South Africa, she was so overwhelmed by the response to her own body release that she vowed to 99 other people from around the world, who also attended, that she would implement it in the U.K. 

Founding the organization, TRE UK®, as she gained experience Purvey evolved the practice to create her 5-Step program called the Total Release Experience®.  On the basis that the tension from stress, overwhelm or trauma gets trapped in the body’s muscle memory with no release mechanism there comes a point when physical mental and emotional problems take over.  Apart from many common symptoms if stress is left unmanaged it can lead to stroke, heart attack or suicide.  Coping mechanisms with self-medication often lead to addictions.     

TRE UK® offers online courses for independent learning, as well as assisted online learning with 1-2-1 guidance, for those who want to discover how to take back responsibility for their own well-being.  Clients gain a life-tool and a tool for life when they have a deeper understanding of a profound healing method that is both natural and sustainable. The courses offer all the education and guidance through presentations, videos,  audios and ongoing support so that anyone can follow, wherever they are in the world. TRE UK® motivates and inspires individuals to take action. As Purvey shares, the body has the natural ability to heal itself, from the pain of life including relationship break up, grief, and abuse. So it is not necessary for people to suffer unnecessarily, it is simply that they haven’t had the knowledge of how …until now. 

The benefits are phenomenal, clients have healed from years of suffering where medication or talking has failed.  Purvey is an award-winning, best-selling co-author and recently launched her own book, Feel It to Heal It, where stories are shared from those who engaged with the Total Release Experience® and transformed their lives.  The program comes highly recommended by doctors, therapists and psychotherapists. 

Voted in the top 10 women to watch, in the category of well-being, Purvey’s program has been adopted by the Jewish community, fire and rescue service, the police force, military and the prison system as well as organizations, schools, families, workers and everyday individuals world-wideThe appeal of this self-help program is that it requires no medication which usually just masks the pain, or even talking, as it focuses on releasing from one single muscle in the body that very few individuals even know about.  

Today, Purvey and son Daniel, have been growing the business offering a powerful solution to support those suffering from issues relating to mental health, which have been exacerbated as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  They are constantly blown away by the phenomenal stories their clients share with them. Their vision is to sustainably reduce global suffering to sustain global growth.  A most cost-effective solution for organizations With over 15 years of joint experience Purvey is an expert in her field and is well-qualified in leading others in a powerful, innate and natural healing experience. 

Keeping her promise, after an expedition to Malawi in 2018, Purvey used her knowledge even further by training 9 adults how to use the Total Release Experience® to treat their community. Now, with a total of 19 adults trained, her work has been able to support over 3,500 under-privileged children in Africa to be able to release their trauma, build up a resilience and move towards leading healthy and happy lives. 

Prior to the pandemic the program accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists, was taught via UK wide workshops.  By creating online learning Purvey has now made it possible to reach out globally so that many more around the world, can find hope and relief and once again live a peace-filled life.



Caroline Purvey is a passionate and inspirational,  transformational leader, author and international speaker.  She is CEO and founder of TRE UK® and the Total Release Experience®, a program she evolved to effectively release symptoms of stress and trauma where traditional methods have failed. 

Happily married with three children and six grandchildren Caroline spent many years in business before going into education. With a master’s degree in education management, she later went on to qualify in alternative therapies including Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Yoga.  TRE UK® is now the driving force of her Wellbeing Centre located in her hometown of Dover, Kent.  


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