“The Wealthy Breakfast Club: A Common-Sense Guide to Building Wealth for Your Retirement” reaches the top of the Amazon Best Seller Lists

The Wealthy Breakfast Club: A Common-Sense Guide to Building Wealth for Your Retirement reached the top spot on the Amazon.ca Best Sellers List on November 21, 2019. The book was also featured as a Hot New Release by Amazon.

In The Wealthy Breakfast Club, John Butler is a small business owner who has never given much thought to his retirement. Then a serious car crash reminds him that life is uncertain, but his financial future—and the future of his family—shouldn’t be. John, a home renovator, and a close friend form a peer group called “The Wealthy Breakfast Club” that includes a doctor, a police officer, and a teacher. When a financial advisor is introduced to the group, they receive a valuable education and answers to their questions about the seemingly complex financial world. John and his wife, Sara, soon learn that securing their financial future and their plans for retirement is not as challenging as they might think.

The author, Todd Sudds, states “Retirement is too important to leave to chance and too important not to have a formal plan to guide you.”

Todd Sudds initially developed “The 5 Principles to Becoming a Successful Investor” many years ago. These principles, featured in the book, have helped individuals, with little or no investment experience, gain an advantage through a proven investment process that goes hand-in-hand with securing their financial future and their retirement.

Todd has over two decades of industry experience helping families and individuals plan and invest for retirement. In this book, he shares the unique planning method he has developed that he believes will help revolutionize how Canadians plan and save for their “golden years.”

The book has been well received by early readers, like Don Connelly, Founder of Don Connelly & Associates LLC who stated, “If your goal is to take control of your financial future, this book is a sound investment.”

The Wealthy Breakfast Club: A Common-Sense Guide to Building Wealth for Your Retirement, is available online, including on Amazon.ca, in Paperback and Kindle format.

For more information about The Wealthy Breakfast Club, please visit www.thewealthybreakfastclub.com

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