#1 International Bestselling Author Natalie Tellish Advocates a Positive Impact for Children

Her coaching methods are not about being perfect parents vwith the most well-behaved kids. A conscious parent strives to create a future generation whose childhoods do not need to be recovered from.

“What we are striving for is being conscious of the impact we have on our children and their ability to process what happens around them,”  Tellish commented on what inspired her to create this coaching style for parents.

Tellish grew up in a home of chaos and emotional havoc. After being taught that her feelings should not be voiced, she wanted to break the cycle. As a young adult, she dived into personal development, determining that when she had her own family, the relationships would be stronger.

Parents can choose to alter what happens at home, reflecting on their child’s behaviors. Change begins with awareness and searching for the reasons behind certain behaviors. Empowerment comes when they know what could have been done differently and work to implement new ideas.

When queried on the key ingredient on consciously parenting and coaching children, Tellish said,

“The key to treating our children with unconditional love and kindness is to first treat ourselves with unconditional love and kindness.”

For those who try everything to get it right, to maintain patience and create peace in a home, Tellish encourages parents to slow down and reflect on the values driving their daily lives and  relations with their children. For over a decade, she has studied conscious parenting, brain science, psychology, and has first-hand experience as a modern-day mom. Tellish connects strongly with her clients because she has also felt the anxiety that comes with parenting.

“During the beginning of my parenting journey, I had no clue where to begin.With her guidance, I began to realize the importance of root issues, and the needs under my kids’ behavior.” –Jonathan F.

About Natalie Tellish

Tellish is a certified conscious parenting coach and co-author of #1 International best-seller, Ambitious Women Rise. Her purpose is to help people overcome limiting beliefs engrained from childhood. As a committed parent, she aligns the roles as a mother and entrepreneur in her life and those of her clients.

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