Co-Creators Convergence to Host Day-Long Presentations on Global Stage June 26, 2020

The Co-Creators Convergence community of cultural creatives is proud to be hosting a full day of presentations on June 26, in full support of World UNITY Week, which begins Saturday, June 20th and continues until June 27th.  In these times of great division of peoples around the world – with each other and our Common Earth Home – these free online sessions, available to all, will explore the question: “What is needed to mobilize a world unity movement now?”

Special presentations will include: Marianne Williamson, author, spiritual leader, political activist and former U.S. Presidential candidate; Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher researcher and visionary thinker; Jane Sibbett, American actress, writer, director and producer; and Esperide Ananas, a representative of the Federation of Damanhur Communities, a UN-recognized “community of the future” – as well as 22 additional speakers.

All sessions will be available live on the Co-Creators Convergence Facebook page, where participants can engage with the speakers via chat features and simulcast on many others websites and FaceBook pages. The full schedule is available here. 

These offerings are but one element of an online global gathering.  Almost one hundred civil society global organizations and initiatives have come together in an unprecedented alliance to declare World UNITY Week (WUW) from June 20-27, 2020. The event will be opened on the mid-year solstice, June 20, with an Indigenous-led day of prayer followed by a global series of free online events. The World UNITY Week will conclude on June 27th with a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter.

World UNITY Week is an online global Convergence, a series of interactive events that are inter-generational, cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, and international. Global organizations that have come together to declare World UNITY Week as a matter of urgency include the Parliament of World Religions, the United Religions Initiative, Pachamama Alliance, UNITY, UNEP Faiths for Earth Initiative, EARTH, EcoPeace Middle East, Four Worlds International, WholeWorld-View, Unify, UPLIFT, The Shift Network and the Co-Creators Convergence.

Key conversations during World UNITY Week will spotlight such topics as collective climate action, partnerships for peace, global governance, interfaith harmony, interracial justice, sustainable and regenerative development, the role of business and economics, human rights, disarmament and other key elements of a new kind of future that we want to create.

World Unity Week will include six Open Space Sessions in which participants self-organize into 60 minute sessions and focus on answering the framing question: What is needed to mobilize a world unity movement? Everyone is invited to sign up for the Week at:

World UNITY Week, is not intended to be another “one off” event, but is an open invitation for the global community to join in the monthly celebration of “The Global Days of Unity”, leading towards a large-scale global celebration during Peace Weekend 2020 (September 19-21, centered on the annual U.N. International Day of Peace (September 21).

ABOUT:  Co-Creators Convergence is a heart-resonant commUNITY of uniquely gifted souls dedicated to embodying and amplifying our collective consciousness, thereby co-creating a world that works for everyone. We do this with great love, compassion and joy, honoring all realms of Creation, to accelerate the awakening of Humanity. 

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