Dawn Bates Shares Why There Is No Greater Power Than Harnessing One’s Own Truth

Dawn Bates Shares Why There Is No Greater Power Than Harnessing One’s Own Truth

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” – Roald Dahl

Behind every personal mission, is a journey of self-discovery. And in today’s world, there are many new challenges that are keeping individuals from accomplishing their lifework.

With 22 years of leadership, cultural diversity, human rights, and community cohesion, cross-cultural communication, publishing, and writing for business and movement success, Dawn Bates has earned herself a distinct reputation for coaching and leading individuals and teams to outstanding results and to achieving their purpose.

Bates is an international best-selling author many times over, author coach and strategist, publisher, enchanting speaker, Digital Ocean wanderer, and self-proclaimed Ms. Mermaid and is well-known for her giggle that is more contagious than a flu epidemic.

She is the author of The Trilogy of Life Itself and The Sacral Series, as well as Executive Contributor for the House of Preeminence and One Tribe magazines.

With a passion for leadership and empowering others, Bates is leading a 7-Month AUTHORity Mastermind, launching in early 2021, where she will utilize her more than 22 years of continuous professional and personal development and relentless passion for study to help those who are wanting to be a part of world change themselves and who want to publish books with powerful messages. 

As Bates is fully aware, developing a concept for a book, starting it, and then losing focus before being able to finish is more common than one might think.

With her expertise, shared in the 7-Month AUTHORity Mastermind, Bates will empower individuals to rethink their business blueprint, their life, and the world they live in, whilst harnessing the deepest freedom of all; their own truth, and, there is no great power than that!

Bates will guide entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals, on a leadership journey where they will be able to birth a powerful book at the end of the 7 months, and on multiple platforms so they can be read, seen, and heard.

Additionally, the comprehensive nature of the course will provide a deeper healing experience and a full awareness of consciousness like never before. It will go far beyond other concepts you may have heard on what it takes to become a leader; and will shed light on the truths associated with being effective in a commanding role.

It will also identify specific talents that individuals possess so that they may be able to accelerate their cause into the right places and with the right partners. 

Looking to fill 11 spots in the AUTHORity Mastermind 7-Month program, Bates is very selective in regards to who she works with and utilizes her strong moral compass to guide her in the projects she chooses to take on so that she can deliver impeccable service to all of her clients. She is well-known for invoking fresh insights and perspectives in her clients and has a magical power of igniting passions within. 

In addition to the AUTHORity Mastermind program, Bates offers a variety of mentorship and author coaching services. 

Her approach is genuine, passionate, straightforward, no-nonsense, and is laser-focused on serving and collaborating with her clients to make the world a better place.

She specializes in the following topics: 

Authoring Your Life – Guiding individuals to understand the importance of their story, diving deep into what Bates calls ‘The Conscious Unconscious Creation Process’© in story creation and be able to write a substantial book in as little as 7 days.

Female Leadership – Guides women on a journey to revolutionize female entrepreneurship and give themselves permission to lead and live a life they love.

Global Impact – Smashes social stereotypes and discusses critical topics such as injustice, racism, religion, and revolution in full transparency.

Family First – Taps into healing oneself before healing a family, long-distance parenting, and other relevant family issues.

Female Empowerment – Guides women to ignite their inner fire and truly locate their passion in order to see the possibilities available to them.

Heart of the Matter – Leads individuals deep into their soul on a discovery mission to owning their inner being and living in and on purpose.

Other empowering programs that Bates offers are: 

  • 1 to 1 Coaching for CEO’s, Authors and Entrepreneurs, which is a great kick-starter for those with an idea for a book collaboration or who are ready to lead a group of leaders or who simply want to take their leadership to the next level, and expand their brand. Bates’ customized leadership coaching provides unique tools and strategies that propel individuals in all stages of life forward confidently! 
  • Vision Creation Sessions provide individuals a half-day session where they’re able to explore what their next level vision looks like. Individuals receive the expert guidance of Bates, who assists them in creating an action plan of how to implement fast change and start moving in the right direction!

The journey you will go on with Dawn Bates will be one where you’ll find inspiration internally and give yourself permission to provide it for others as well. You will make positive and powerful change, gifting the gift of your story to the world.

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