Desiree Anderson’s Crest Coaching & HR Helps Elevate Life & Career

Crest Coaching & HR Helps Elevate Life & Career

Desiree Anderson’s Crest Coaching & HR helps ambitious leaders and their teams to move beyond self-sabotage and create a career and life where they feel valued, abundant and fulfilled.  

How often do you self-sabotage and feel frustrated in your career or life? We all come across a point in our life when we are unable to move forward. We start experiencing well-being and burnout issues and desire a fulfilled, abundant, and balanced life and career. Most of us try to juggle our personal and professional lives but usually fail at maintaining both. One organization that has made its mission to help ambitious leaders and their teams lead a more pragmatic life and career is Crest Coaching & HR. Desiree Anderson’s firm is on the mission to make people’s personal and professional experiences authentic, empowering, kind and realistic. 

Desiree Anderson – Crest Coaching & HR

Even after being an MSc in Human Resources and completing a  master’s qualification in advanced executive coaching and mentoring, Desiree Anderson experienced toxic cultures, burnout, and self-sabotage. The reality is that books can only teach you so much; the true experience comes when we do it ourselves. The same thing happened to Desiree! She started gaining valuable experiences after working for top organizations and realizing firsthand what best practices would look like for the future of the workplace. She developed a strong interest in assisting leaders in harnessing their authenticity and improving their work relationships to embrace diversity, well-being, and engagement.

In 2020, Desiree launched Crest Coaching & HR, which works with a network of specialists to bring bespoke solutions to their clients to help them ride the Crest of their wave. She is also an EFT (tapping) and an Advanced Theta Healing practitioner, using leading-edge coaching and wellbeing techniques to empower clients.

Apart from being a coach and mentor, Desiree is a co-author of the book and collaboration “Entangled No More” and “From the Ashes She is Ignited: Vol  2” (the latter is launching in January 2023). In these books, she demonstrates how she has harnessed her purpose by using resilience and empowerment strategies to overcome multiple hurdles in work and life.

What Crest Coaching & HR Offers Clients

Desiree’s international experience in leading companies across industries and her use of authentic and personal experience to develop tools that work, including EFT (tapping) and healing modalities to resolve limiting beliefs. 

From one-to-one coaching to a range of affordable, illustrated, and interactive e-books, such as Burnout to Brilliance, that allow you to coach yourself in areas of well-being and career, Crest offers a multitude of services to its clients. Crest also runs coaching programs such as Sack your Sabotage, and a very sought-after 12-week Elevate your Career VIP program. Crest also helps business owners with blogs and policies to show the human side of their mission and  Culture.

Lastly, Desiree says that life and work have many ups and downs. But to ride the crest of your wave, you need to work on yourself first. Then, you will be able to develop tools that help you enhance your talents and engage and empower others.

Desiree can be contacted at, and the link to secure your place on her 12-week VIP Career program is

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