Dr. Corey Hicks Brings The Three V’s To Promote Health and Mental Wellness

Dr. Corey Hicks Brings The Three V’s To Promote Health and Mental Wellness

Dr. Corey Hicks, a speaker, author, motivational speaker, healthcare advocate, and former athlete, brings the essential mind-shift in lifestyle through Three V’s Corp.

Nowadays, people have a packed schedule that prevents them from indulging in any self-care activity. Without interchangeable life disciplines and principles to raise the standards of mental and physical wellness, people feel exhausted and hardly have the enthusiasm to cultivate any new habit in life. Dr. Corey Hicks aims to change that.

Dr. Hick’s topics range from Health and Wellness, Leadership, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, and Self-Empowerment and Health Disparities. Dr. Corey Hicks is a former three-time NCAA All-American Decathlete in Track and Field, a former 1996 Olympic Hopeful, a 2009 KSU Hall of Fame Inductee, a two-time Author, 2019 BRAG Magazine Influencer of The Season, and 2020 Global Motivation Award Recipient.

His organization Three V’s Corp, has been in the industry since 2009. Their clients include many Government entities, Caribbean Sports Ministries, Major Corporations, Collegiate Sports Teams, Professional Athletes, etc. The Three V‘s in his corporation stands for Values, Vision, and Versatility. All who engage in this experience leave with a reformed mindset more directed towards overall mental and physical health.

The Three V’s and Health Disparities

The sole message that Dr. Hicks wants to relay from his Health Disparities program is to spread awareness about the underlying preconceptions, beliefs, fears, myths, and other barriers to health literacy among African American men. Many problems in people’s lives are embedded in society, thus making it hard for clinical research to address the right solution.

A theoretical and conceptual understanding of the perceptions among African American men reveals that exposure to conventional methods of disease prevention through healthcare helps to change their mindset. It’s essential to improve the future of the younger generation because, if left to continue, the fears, beliefs, and misconceptions continue to increase, affecting the population’s health at an advanced age. Dr. Hicks aims to change that by providing a pendulum shift and a better understanding of the things that can bring more stability to people’s lives.

Dr. Hick’s solutions are effective because he has created them from real-life experience and the journey of overcoming challenges. Vision in his Three Vs stands for an overview of the future self that people imagine. Values include the set of morals and beliefs that influence the person’s action, and Versatility is not surrendering in an adverse situation and being able to tackle things diligently. These three elements are critical to determining the path people choose.

Questionable values usually lead to more ill thoughts, and a lack of vision leads the person astray. So, combining the power of all three, Dr. Hicks wants to make people’s lives better with his practices and give them the power to take control of the events in life. To know more about his work, visit here.

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