Douglas Kruger Interviewed About His New Book Release: “Political Correctness Does More Harm Than Good – How to Identify, Debunk and Dismantle Dangerous Ideas”

He became quite attuned to these differences between what he calls “political correctness versus the truth.” This is the heart and soul of his new book.

Kruger commented: ‘Political correctness is Marxism by stealth. Yet most people think it’s about kindness, and make no mistake, politicians are happy to sell it that way. Starting now, we’re going to pull back the curtain and reveal the truth. It’s time for the world’s most important philosophical street-fight. You can have political correctness, or you can have truth, but you can’t have both.”



In the interview, Douglas discussed how specific politically correct ideas may seem like an obvious initiative, but then digging deeper another agenda comes to light, and also his opinion that most murderous concept humanity has ever experienced is…equality!

Kruger said: “If you had to perform a SWOT-analysis for our species, you would discover that the deadliest idea we have ever had is not religion, but ‘egalitarianism.’ That strikes most people as surprising. Yet the politically correct idea of ‘group’ over ‘individual’ is responsible for more deaths, via government genocide and mass starvation, than any other idea in human history. That’s why I choose to have this fight. That’s why I continually say: You can have truth, or you can have political correctness, but you can’t have both.”

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About Douglas Kruger:

An award-winning presenter, Douglas speaks and comments on issues pertaining to social justice, identity politics, and resurgent Marxism. He specializes in debunking radical leftist politics and beliefs, and in teaching others how to do so too.

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