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In a World of Change and Uncertainty, What IS Certain is the Power of an Entrepreneur!

Founder of the lavish and provocative new House of Preeminence™ magazine, Jenni Parker Brown, has always been a visionary looking to not only seek out new adventures but master them. Multiple career changes throughout her lifetime have presented her with a wide array of opportunities to shine. She’s notched up the roles of fashion retailer, performing artist, fitness instructor, equestrian cabaret artist, style and image consultant, published author, award-winning gastronomy chef and activist and now, a world-class magazine editor.

 In 2017, Jenni was chosen by the award-winning TV reality show, “Fix My Brand with Ali Craig” as a candidate and ultimately was invited back onto the program as a mindset expert and assistant image stylist for seasons 2 and 3. A passionate student of the sciences of success and fulfilment, Jenni has become a world-renowned thought leader who has developed tools and strategies for change-maker women with big dreams and missions.

 Her quantum success business model, the Trinity Code™, has already transformed the lives of many women and is being developed for a documentary film. According to Jenni, this is just the beginning!

Luxury, glamorous business and lifestyle magazine House of Preeminence™  showcases and features viewpoints and conversations with some of the world’s most impressive women entrepreneurial leaders. The glossy digital edition promotes leading-edge ideas, along with high-vibe lifestyle content intended to empower ambitious readers to make positive changes in their lives and careers.

The magazine is organised around nine high-performing principles that have been designed as a practical success blueprint for the modern female mogul-in-the-making. When used in visions, goals, planning, rituals and habits, and expressed in the challenging and saturated arena of social media, the nine principles have the power to grow personal influence, impact and income exponentially. House of Preeminence™ provides tips, tools and proven techniques that have been used by some of the world’s most successful and most well-known tycoons.

What differentiates House of Preeminence™ from other business and lifestyle magazines is that it elaborates on the nuts and bolts of what it takes to achieve in this new business landscape. Every issue provides solution-oriented articles and is a valuable resource for the entrepreneurial-spirited woman.  Taking a holistic approach to achieving success, that is including mind, body, soul and financial freedom, Jenni has created a luxury magazine for the woman who wants to ‘have it all’. After just a few issues, the magazine has earned praise:

“The New ‘O’ Magazine”, House of Preeminence™  stands in a class of its own in this luxurious digital format.

Targeting the ambitious woman entrepreneur, House of Preeminence™  offers exquisite graphics and images, rich aesthetics, fantastic layouts and intriguing articles about inspiring women leaders who each radiate beauty, intelligence and proven leadership skills.

Every issue, features 4-5 industry leaders from around the globe covering today’s hot topics, will surely be nothing short of a visual masterpiece that will empower its readers to do, be and want more.

Here’s what others are saying about House of Preeminence™:

“The Vogue of Feminine High Performance! Move over ‘Entrepreneur’!” –  Debora Luzi

“Wow! This Magazine is genius and magnificent!” Lynn Rose – celebrity global key-note speaker

“The most inspirational, informative, the northern star of everything feminine, leadership and business, the crème de-la-crème of magazines has finally landed” – Venus Souls

“Fantastic colours, images, graphics and layout. It reflects the mission and your vision with intriguing topics. Each woman radiates with beauty.” – Meilin Elke

As Jenni Parker Brown has stated, her mission and vision are to help fulfil the Dalai Lama’s prophecy quote from 2009, “The world will be saved by western women.” And, with each edition of House of Preeminence™, remarkable new women in the industry, who have achieved success in their field, will be able to share their advice and their story.

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