“How To Rob Your Bank And Get Away Scott-Free” With StartMyBank.com Using The Infinite Banking Concept, Presented By America’s Most Wanted Guru Of Privatized Banking Scott Crutchfield

The Problem: Americans are in trouble financially; everything is financed! Everything!!
You either borrow money and pay interest, or you pay cash and lose interest that you could have gained. 34.5% of every dollar the average American makes goes to interest and finances charges! The American savings rate has been miserably low… even negative in recent years. Most people are struggling under a massive weight of debt.

Scott shared some very alarming information from the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau data that shows the median household income is $63,179 & the average household debt levels:
Credit cards – $7,104
Auto loans – $27,934
Student loans – $46,679
Mortgages – $192,618
That’s $275,000 worth of debt.

All the leading financial leaders agree, in order to solve your financial equation, you need to master the insurance and banking areas in your life. The problem, most of the time, these two fields are not only NOT coordinated; in fact, they are working against one another! The result… no progress!

THE PERFECT SOLUTION WOULD BE TO OWN YOUR OWN BANK, which sounds great; “being” a bank. No problem; just make sure you have 30 million dollars that have been sitting in an account for ten years and have a couple hundred qualified investors to throw some more money at you. Then sit back and pray you pass the banking regulator requirements! Good luck!

However, there is a better way….The Privatized Banking Way.


YOU can set up a FULLY-INSURED PRIVATIZED BANKING SYSTEM (no, we’re NOT talking about your typical FDIC-Insured, brick and mortar bank, but rather a much better account that functions like a bank) which allows you to become your own banker and have total control of your money as opposed to the public banking system you’re currently in.

This privatized banking system will allow you to recapture up to 34.5% of your lifetime income that is lost in interest paid to banks. It can help you redirect the interest and fees you were paying to banks into your own FULLY-INSURED PRIVATIZED BANKING SYSTEM.


  1. A proven guaranteed savings system (that accumulates true, tier one capital) that will give you good, dependable growth year after year. You will never lose any of your retirement funds due to market volatility or loss.
  2. This system will protect your money from taxes, from judgments (in most states), and from our government’s extreme grab for your wealth (the Dodd-Frank Act). Your money will grow tax-free, you will be able to use it tax-free, and the government can’t take it to pay their overdue bills!
  3. This system will allow you to recapture the cash you’re currently spending on interest payments… and all that interest will earn interest for you going forward!

By building your very own banking system, you get these advantages:

  • Is safer than a CD or bank savings account
  • Offers real growth potential – guaranteed
  • Offers access to all your money, if necessary, without penalties or restrictions
  • Protects you from taxes
  • Completes the wealth-building mission for your family even if you die
  • Allows you to use the same dollars to make purchases, pay off debts, and secure a lifetime tax-free income stream at retirement
  • Eliminates your dependence upon any type of loan from a bank or finance company
  • Eliminates the need for a “good credit score” altogether
  • Borrow AGAINST your account, rather than FROM it, so you enjoy uninterrupted compound interest for life!!!

Here are some more benefits of collateralization through Infinite Banking:

  • Protects your account balance from ever decreasing
  • Protects your interest from ever “re-setting”
  • Protects your credit from delinquencies
  • Protects your assets from consumption or exposure
  • Rare “banking friendly” Product design
  • High dividend accumulation
  • Guaranteed doubling of account capacity (in certain designs)
  • The flexibility of premium payments
  • 5 different streams of cash value growth

Even better yet, you get a Full-Spectrum of additional tax privileges that financial establishments can’t offer.

  • No taxes ON GROWTH
  • No taxes ON LOANS
  • No taxes AT RETIREMENT
  • No taxes AT DEATH


  • Taxes
  • Creditors
  • Withdrawal Penalties
  • Market Volatility

For the first time, two of the biggest industries in the world, “Financing & Insurance,” are being coordinated and perfectly synchronized by two of the greatest minds in the industry – Scott Crutchfield and Keith Hatchett!

Scott Crutchfield has over 25 years of expertise in financial services and over 10 years as a premier trainer and proponent of the Infinite Banking Concept!

Keith Hatchett, Veteran “Insurance Guru,” owner of GoInsurancePAL, has more than 25 years in the world of health insurance, life insurance, and financial planning.

People’s greatest need in their life is for financing while they are alive; these two programs combined, provide their clients both an offense and defense, which is the winning edge in the world of money.

To see how you can forever “fire your banker” call 864.303.3746 or email Scott@StartMyBank.com For more information go to StartMyBank.com

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