Jon Robert Quinn Releases Paradise and Poetry EP Available on Apple, Spotify, and JRQTV


Jon Robert Quinn released Paradise & Poetry, a love story using poetry, an acoustic guitar and the natural landscape of crashing waves to adding new dimensions to folk and singer-songwriter genres.

This six song EP highlights three tracks from previous albums giving new light to decades-old songs. Paradise & Poetry is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Jon Robert Quinn continued his trend of an honest and raw album, again using unconventional sources to record and no producer. He has always believed in music as therapy and a diary of sorts, telling stories through music and keeping the recording as raw and real as possible.

“ Paradise & Poetry is a music journey that reveals my life and is from my heart,” said Jon Robert Quinn.

About Jon Robert QuinnJon Robert Quinn is the creator of the indie TV network JRQTV. Building JRQTV, Jon Robert Quinn is hands-on by writing, creating, filming, and producing quality and entertaining content for viewers across the globe. He is also a 4x Best-Selling Author for The Cold Call King series, an accomplished recording artist, an Award-Winning talk show host, music composer and producer.

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