Jason Kill Of Roofing Solutions And Concepts Donates Roof To Habitat For Humanity House In Phoenix

Jason Kill, owner of Roofing Solutions & Concepts has been involved with Habitat for Humanity for years. Roofing Solutions & Concepts has always focused on being involved in helping the community in whatever way possible and through their partnership with Habitat for Humanity, Jason believes that his giving back makes a real difference, for real people in need.

Kill said, ”I truly believe in the mission and purpose of Habitat for Humanity to help families get out of poverty and realize the dream of owning their own home.”

Habitat for Humanity offers a special program where low-income families can apply for a house that is built through the program or repair an existing house. Kill has partnered with Habitat for Humanity on roofing projects in his service area before. Habitat for Humanity homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage.

According to Habitat, “Homeowners play a hands-on role in the home ownership process, beginning with ‘sweat equity’ hours they perform. To fulfill sweat equity hours, they work alongside volunteers to help build and renovate the places they will call home. Some also work toward this requirement by putting in time at their local Habitat ReStore, while others may serve on committees or help out in their local Habitat office. Future homeowners are also required to attend financial education and budget-planning classes.”

Jason Kill and his crew enjoy the time they spend helping Habitat for Humanity homeowners lead about the home-building process and plan to help with other Habitat for Humanity homes in the future when the opportunity arises in their local community.

When he is not helping out on Habitat for Humanity projects, Jason Kill and his crew are working hard to inspect roofs in the Phoenix area as the seasons change. In Arizona, Kill explained, it is especially important that homeowners pay attention to the state of their roof and get it inspected for damage before the harsh summer sun and heat and the rains come and potentially create water and mold damage to the home.

Right now, Roofing Solutions & Concepts is offering a seasonal roof inspection for free. Kill said, “Roofing Solutions & Concepts specializes in re-roofs, roof maintenance, cleaning and repair, and there hasn’t been a leak we can’t find and fix quickly. It is really important to maintain your roof from season to season to make it last as long as possible and to guard against potential damage from leaks which could be very expensive to fix!”

About Jason Kill

Roofing Solutions & Concepts is owned by Jason Kill. Jason has been deeply involved in the commercial and residential roofing industry in the valley for over 20 years; 17 of them working for the same company. Jason has filled every position in the roofing business in his long tenure and ultimately fulfilled his lifelong dream of owning a roofing company.

Jason’s well-rounded skill set includes an expert understanding of all commercial and residential roofing specifications, installation procedures, maintenance techniques, inspection processes, leak detection, cleaning and re-roofing practices and more. His leadership in the Arizona Roofing Contractors Association and service as the Secretary/Treasurer and Head Chairman of the Young Professional Committee further demonstrates his commitment to the highest quality standards in both roofing and customer service and satisfaction.

To learn more about Roofing Solutions & Concepts, or to schedule a free roof inspection, call (480) 276-8099 or visit https://rsc-az.com/.

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