John Voris Founder of Authentic Systems Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Show on the Hidden Factor in the Personality of a College-Bound Student Which is Their Real Driving Force

John Voris recently sat down for an enlightening interview about how students have all the natural and essential capacities to live a happy and successful life if they are allowed to follow this innate drive because Unhappiness occurs when this natural drive is unreasonably restricted.

About traditional personality assessments, John said: “I believe that the human mind has only one need; the perpetual need to express our Authentic Identity. The magic happens after learning what motivates your child; this aligns the two of you from a genetic level. Then you are able to better understand and come alongside them. Then and only then can you empower them to achieve their full potential.”

Learn more about the Authentic Systems and their work with parents of college-bound students in this informative interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network.

About John Voris:

John graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in philosophy then discovered a groundbreaking approach to personal inquiry by applying a European psychological approach into field application involving hundreds of sales prospects.
By recognizing the symbolic clusters that surround his clients, including the words they use, he was able to discover their inner life-long motivation or as he calls it, a Life Theme.

John’s method accesses the four major Virtues of Humanity: Love, Justice, Wisdom, and Power. Each one of us has all four but only one of the four is the main focus in our life.  Find out which of the four is your Life Theme by doing to John’s website

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