Juicer.Kitchen Launches Custom Juice Challenge Focused on Boosting Energy & Overall Well-Being

Juicer.Kitchen is pleased to announce the launch of their new seven-day juice challenge, which is focused on promoting healthier dietary lifestyles. The Healthier7 is similar to Juicer.Kitchen’s previously launched 30-day-challenge but is designed to yield quicker results with its shorter timeline. Imagine being able to consume the ideal amount of nutrients that the body needs to operate at an optimal level day after day? Stepping into a plant-based diet does not need to be difficult with the Healthier7 seven-day challenge.

The Healthier7 challenge is not a “cleanse” or a fad diet program. While many juicing challenges require substituting a meal with a serving of juice, the Healthier7 is meant to accompany someone’s regular diet. The purpose of the seven-day challenge is not so someone can lose weight, rather so they can incorporate more vegetables and fruits into their dietary regimen without the hassle or added responsibility of making frequent trips to the grocery store.

The way that Healthier7 accomplishes this is by easing the consumer into the challenge with sweeter flavors. The beginning of the seven-day challenge begins with flavors such as apples and carrots. As the week progresses, leafier greens are introduced. The goal of this challenge is that people will learn to enjoy greens more and therefore, have a more nutritional diet moving forward.

As a welcomed side effect, consumers may feel more energized by the end of the seven-day challenge. They may also not feel the need to ingest as many sugary foods as before. Candy and fast food may feel like easy options for those who are on the run, but the ramifications of consistently consuming junk food can be long lasting. The Healthier7 challenge is there to boost someone’s interest in plant-based food so they can continue the trend even after the challenge is over.

The team at Juicer.Kitchen is incredibly passionate about their mission to educate people on the benefits of juicing, “We are a team of juicing experts and nutritionists, passionate about achieving optimal health and wellness through proper nutrition.”

The Healthier7 seven-day challenge is being launched to promote wellbeing and the idea that getting the daily amount of greens should not be an unbearable thought.


Juicer.Kitchen is made up of a team of nutritionists and juicing experts. Juicer.Kitchen has expert reviews of the latest juicers on the market, as well as endless tips for how to live a healthier lifestyle. Their articles have been published on many reputable websites. Wanting to help others realize the potential of juicing, Juicer.Kitchen continues to inspire customers to add more vegetables and fruits to their diet.

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