New Restaurant Online Ordering System Saves Restaurants Thousands of Dollars A Year On Commissions

The current business climate caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has put small businesses in a type of financial pinch never seen before. One specific group within the small business segment that seems to be getting the brunt of this crisis is the food industry, specifically restaurant owners.

Restaurants operate on very thin margins even in a good economic climate. The coronavirus has reduced this margins even further forcing many restaurant owners to lay off workers, or even worse, completely shut down.

A few restaurant owners have taken upon themselves to find new ways to stay afloat while the virus is still affecting the economy. 

However, even though some restaurants have managed to survive so far, they’ve been confronted with another unexpected challenge: high online ordering fees.

Online food ordering fees in form of commissions paid by the restaurants have become part of their daily expense. However paying commissions in the 15%-30% range or higher, are putting even more pressure on restaurants and some maybe forced to close.

There have been almost daily reports of restaurants being charged extremely high fees for using online ordering. Business Insider recently published an article of an online ordering company taking $666 out of $1042 of a pizza restaurant’s orders.  And more examples like this one are becoming more of the norm instead of the exception. 

With these challenges in mind, Online Media 360 has launched a restaurant online ordering service that doesn’t charge commissions. Instead, it charges an affordable fixed monthly fee which puts thousands of dollars every year back into the restaurant’s bottomline.

Online Media 360‘s online ordering include many of the features that customers and restaurant owners expect and more, including:

  • It allows your customers to order from your website, Facebook page and mobile app.
  • Online menu designed to stimulate appetite and increase sales.
  • Order customization and up-sells.
  • One page checkout, optimized to increase conversions.
  • Data pre-filled for returning customers.
  • Real time confirmation – the customer holds the line while their order is reviewed.
  • Orders ring like a telephone, in real-time, right at the restaurant.

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About Online Media 360

JC Soto founded Online Media 360 Online to help small businesses and professionals, including authors, public speakers and coaches to leverage their expertise to stand out in their industries and be seen as an authority. Authority positioning goal is to make referrals easy, create top of mind branding, get repeat business, establish trust and be easily found online by your potential prospects, among other things. When restaurant owners learned about JC and Online Media 360’s internet marketing reputation, they asked for help with internet marketing. That’s how Online Media 360 got involved with solving restaurants’ marketing challenges.

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