Su Orosa’s Blueprint For Living Life On Own Terms

Su Orosa is a Mental Health and Wellness coach and counsellor who understands the unique challenges that professional women face. A registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Su wants to guide those who need it with her new 3-month program that helps busy professional women live life on their own terms; The Mindful Conscious Living Program.  


Su has facilitated many groups and created many successful courses over the years that have helped her clients create mental and emotional peace from within. The current measures see Su’s methods adapted so that clients will meet in secure, online group sessions as well as working on personal development through downloadable course materials they will then have access to forever. 


For those who have struggled in lockdown, this program is particularly useful; the four main areas that are worked on are: mindset, mindfulness, movement and maintenance of new habits. Many are finding this period difficult and can use the help of an online course to dissolve the roadblocks that have emerged in their path. This will be a welcome opportunity to those people and will definitely benefit them in developing their existing coping skills to adapt to new circumstances. The mindful strategies Su teaches are also transferable to a wide array of life situations ensuring her clients receive security and adaptability as well as serenity and wellbeing. 


This program has been designed for those ready to dig deep and face their fears, who’ll respect the commitment required for self work while enjoying full responsibility for their own success. Previous clients of Su’s have said;  


Su’s teaching style is well informed and delivered with ease, humour and love – thank you Su!’ Barbara 


‘Thank you Su for a wonderful course. I haven’t laughed and cried so much in years! It’s not been easy at times but you have really seen me and for that I’m eternally grateful.’ Sue 


Those looking to step into the next part of their journey, ready to live without the backseat driving of an inner saboteur, will find more information about course availability on Su’s website 

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