Sarah Griffiths – Your Subconscious Is Running the Show and Has You Stuck

Coach Sarah Griffiths

As a very unique and specialised trauma and abuse therapist (HYPNOTHERAPIST) many of my clients are entrepreneurs, some very wealthy and successful ones, who are held back in their businesses and lives by a force that they struggle to put a name to. But, without exception, what they quickly realise is that the unseen force working against them is in fact the power of the subconscious mind and the unknown and unseen limiting beliefs that are stored there.

It is creating a set of rules that they do not know about or understand and for both them and you it is dictating the life you have today and unless you recognise it and change the outdated message that it is sending, it will dictate your future too.

It is time for a software update! To get your subconscious, which is running the show, firing on the latest information on who you are now, who you want to be and what you want to achieve. A new neural super highway needs to be installed.

Obviously my clients don’t know this when they come to me, they just know that for whatever reason they are psychologically struggling in the following ways: At best they think that it might be related to abuse in their past, well, there is no think about It! and to overcome these hurdles and barriers we certainly have to look to the past.

So how does this show up?
What are the main struggles?
What does this look like from a business perspective, although it affects all areas of life:

(yes! even for the successful and wealthy ones!)

They cannot launch or grow their businesses
They have a negative money story that has them stuck
Perhaps they cannot enjoy their success
Or they self sabotage when they try to level up

All of these and many many more.

Many of you have been there! And, can no doubt relate to one, if not ALL of the above!

You have done all of the training, you know what you need to do so, why not just do it?

You feel yourself pulling back, making excuses, trying to achieve perfection, am I right?

Does it sound as if I am talking direct to you?

There is a block, a barrier in the way, the negative thoughts and feelings that you have about yourself that just won’t go away! And they stop you moving forward as surely as a barrier across the road.

No doubt you have had all sorts of coaching:

Mindset, Wealth, Confidence, Spiritual, Relationships, communication, Leadership.

You name it, you have done it BUT, are still ”stuck” and that is the most common phrase I hear, “I am just stuck” or “I don’t feel good enough” “I am just not enough”

I specialise in trauma and abuse so, my clients tend to seek me out when they are aware on some level at least that abuse in their past could be having an influence but, even then, they are almost apologetic, feeling bad for trying to blame the past for how they currently feel; thinking that they should take more responsibility and that the problems they have are down to them.

It is as if they need permission to BLAME the past and this is exactly what I give them because unless you have already done “The deep transformational WORK” to literally change who you are, to become who you want to be then YES! You can blame your past! But, don’t use this as an excuse, use it to understand and create a platform, a foundation for massive change.

It is possible but, pay attention to that word WORK; bringing about personal transformation is incredibly rewarding, totally life changing BUT, it is WORK

The fact is though that if you can relate to what you have read so far then you will already understand that your EXTERNAL SUCCESS does depend on YOUR INTERNAL TRANSFORMATION! and here is why.

No one is born with a self confidence problem, a negative money story, low self esteem, anxiety or a sense that they are not good enough or do not deserve. These are all learnt at a very young age. Thought patterns are created and perceptions are picked up from your environments as a child, and there they stay, running your adult life.

The good news about this is, that neuroscience tells us that what the mind has created, the mind can un create and; what I have discovered is that HYPNOSIS, along with specific and particular coaching techniques is by far the fastest and most powerful way to bring about a personal and therefore a business transformation.

It does not have to take long to see real results and, it does not have to be as difficult as traditional coaching methods and ways of rewiring the brian!.

I know this from my own personal journey and the work that I have now done with 100s of clients and the RAPID way that their negative thought processes have been rewritten, disrupted and overturned,

You see, it does not matter which area of your life it is in, if you don’t feel good enough not only will you hold back, and self sabotage but, if you don’t believe in you then how will your clients?

The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself! And it affects everything.

What you believe about yourself as an adult is what you were taught about yourself as a child. What you heard, saw and experienced, inside the home and out have shaped the person you are today and just like we might talk about a business blueprint you also have a personal blueprint. A set of instructions that tells your conscious mind what to think, which actions to take and what result it should be looking to create

Your mind loves the familiar and whether they serve you or not it will ALWAYS draw you towards patterns and situations that are FAMILIAR rather than ones that support your current situation or growth and the future result that you want to create.

The BIG problem is, this blueprint was created before you were 10 years old, based on the environment and circumstances that you were in then, and it is totally inappropriate for the adult you are today, the life you want to live, the relationships you desire and the business you are trying to build.

The barrier to everything you want to be, do and have is in that blueprint, firmly embedded in your subconscious, which, in turn is in charge and instructing your logical, conscious mind.

The problem with this is that what is in the subconscious stays in the subconscious until it is over written.

So, just as with the body, if you break an arm, we treat the arm, then with limiting beliefs and blocks we also have to treat the right part of the mind which is undisputedly the subconscious! This is where the neural pathways running your day to day life and thought processes are created and stored and it is here that they need to be overcome.

The logical conscious mind cannot easily or quickly overcome the emotional subconscious! If it could you would not be struggling with the beliefs that we have already highlighted! You would just be able to talk yourself into a different frame of mind BUT, in reality, that rarely happens.

Information is not transformation!

For truly meaningful and effective TRANSFORMATION, change has to take place in the subconscious. With the right approach and methods, this kind of transformational change is not even difficult to bring about and usually just takes a few sessions.

Just as every part of our world evolves and changes, giving us seemingly more effective, more efficient and faster methods in just about everything so coaching needs to evolve.
to take into account the powerful role of the subconscious mind which I suspect very few coaches understand or apply the concepts of.

For coaches like me, already using this method, well, I believe my clients have the edge! They get to do the necessary work at the deepest level , in the fastest time leaving them free to create the business and life they truly desire that much faster. Totally free from whatever was holding them back.

Understanding is power and understanding in HYPNOSIS is on a whole new level therefore so is the result that follows.

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